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WSS interviews Season Hurd, A Colorado Courtship Blog

We’re excited to introduce you to SEASON HURD, publisher of A Colorado Courtship blog.

Wedding Sites and Services will be featuring many of her blogs on our site in the coming months... stay tuned for greatness!

• Tell us a little about your business:

A Colorado Courtship blog is an inspirational resource for Colorado weddings. Providing insight and advice, real wedding content, DIY projects, and more means that ACC offers a wide variety of ways to help you make your Colorado wedding the best that it can be.

• What inspired you want to do what you do?

When I was a bride myself, I spent a ton of time on wedding blogs looking for inspiration. Wanting to share my experience, I started ACC as a way of documenting my wedding and auditioning for a group wedding blog. While I never did make it onto that other blog, I never stopped blogging. I was discouraged at what I saw as a lack of good local content. So I sought to fill that gap by offering more than just engagements and weddings. DIY projects, mood boards, photo locations, etc. help me stand out as a resource for Colorado couples.

• How did you get your start in the special event industry?

As with many people in this industry, I never pictured myself here until my own wedding. I was a food microbiologist! But the love of weddings is pervasive, I suppose, and now I’m looking for every way that I can to stick around.


Photo by Sharee Davenport, Photographer

• How long have you been in business?

ACC was founded in May of 2011. I was married in August of 2011 and then the blog became about other people’s Colorado weddings.

• What’s your favorite part of the job?

While working in a lab, I discovered that I was starving for a creative outlet. I’m happy that I get to work every day with joyful, imaginative people. The wedding industry is positive and nearly everyone involved makes something new with each couple’s day. It’s a hotbed of creativity!

• How would you describe your style?

Frank. I am not a normal wedding blogger. I am silly, personal, and at times blunt. But that’s what makes it readable…right? 

• What sets you apart from other vendors in your category?

I work my tail off. Many wedding blogs do not accompany their images with stories, for example. I spend a crazy amount of time selecting pictures to tell the story, remain consistent in look, and honor the photography. I spent even more time writing my articles. It’s important to me that my blog is not just eye candy. I’m committed to my blog having a voice.

• If you met with a bride and groom and literally had ONE minute to tell them why they should check out your blog, what would you say?

I represent the real couples of Colorado. Not just the expensive weddings or the pretty pink ones. This state is wildly diverse and so are our weddings. Everyone finds inspiration here. 

Learn more about Season and A Colorado Courtship blog by clicking here or here.

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