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Why Consider a Pretty Monochromatic Wedding Color Palette? - by Flower Bundles

If there’s one wedding detail brides have the most difficulty deciding on, it’s their color palette! For many couples, the color scheme they select for their wedding says a lot about them and their special day. With so many colors to choose from, creating a cohesive palette can seem overwhelming. Our friends at Flower Bundles have a genius suggestion: choose one color for your wedding! If you think they sound crazy for even suggesting it, this seriously pretty monochromatic wedding color palette is about to change your mind!

Swatches of different purple shades

Why Purple?

Purple is often associated with imagination, spirituality and royalty. It's a color with both warm and cool properties. Deep or bright purples suggest riches and wealth, while lighter purples are more romantic and delicate. Having purple in your wedding can symbolize dignity, value, and togetherness. One of the best reasons for selecting purple is the amount of options it gives you for your florals. There are so many types of flowers available in purple, including Roses, Carnations, Tulips, Gerber Daisy, Mums, Dahlias, Freesia, Stock, Ranunculus, Kale, Lisianthus and several more!

DIY bouquet in purple using flowers from Flower Bundles

Not just purple!

Remember, purple comes in many different shades from lavender to dark plum. For spring and summer weddings, using predominantly lavenders and lilacs can be wonderful. An emphasis on deep purples and eggplant is perfect for fall and winter events. Whatever the shade, purple plays very well with both traditional and trending colors such as gray and navy.

Bridesmaid dresses in gray and navy


DIY like a pro while saving money!

There are many benefits to DIY flowers for your wedding and a monochromatic color scheme will save you $$$ with your DIY flowers. No need to buy every color on the color wheel to make gorgeous bouquets, centerpieces, arbors, cake flowers etc.! If you choose to go with hues of one color you'll see significant savings and simplify your design concept. Monochromatic flowers are by far the best choice for DIY florals and decor!

Flower Bundles makes DIY wedding blooms fun and easy. Simply select a curated package or create a custom package and they'll deliver the stems to your doorstep. With this concept, you can buy only what you need, consult with an expert, and save hundreds of dollars! For more information and to contact them, visit them here.

Many thanks to Flower Bundles Company for this blog.

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