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Which Wedding Dress Silhouettes Work Best for Your Body

Which Wedding Dress Silhouettes Work Best for Your Body

When you venture forth to buy your wedding dress, you naturally want this monumentally expensive part of your wedding day to be perfect. Your wedding dress consultant will be a fount of information for you on the day of your appointment, and you should certainly listen to her advice. She's a pro, remember, but if you are forgoing the usual appointments with dress consultants, we've gathered a few suggestions for wedding dress silhouettes that will help you make the most of your body type.

Long and Lean

If you happen to be tall and slender, most wedding dress types will work for you. If your shoulders and arms are nicely sculpted, choose a strapless or halter bodice to play up your magnificent swimmer's shoulders. A ball gown is also a good choice here which will tend to give you nicely rounded hips where they might not otherwise exist.


If all your curves seem to be outward and your shape is apple-ish, your best bet is a silhouette that finds and nips inward at the smallest section of your waist and flows softly outward from there. The bodice should fit snugly, but provide detail to keep the eyes of others focused above your neckline.


If your hips are broader than your bust, you are said to have a Pear-shape or triangular body. Here the traditional ball gown will look sensational and not play up the width of your hips as will an A-line or Empire Waist wedding dress which will not de-emphasize your disparate dimensions.

Hour Glass

When your bust and your hips are roughly the same size and you have a well-defined waist, you have an hourglass shape. You can wear a Mermaid or Trumpet wedding dress easily as both of these silhouettes make a big statement about your curves, following them down your body to the knees or thighs before flaring out to the ground. You may also choose the traditional ball gown or a sheath, either of which will make you look elegant.

Plus Size

Being plus sized does not keep you from having a shape. So, take a long honest look at yourself in the mirror and see which of the above shapes you have. If your bountiful body is hour-glass shaped, follow the rules above. Although a trumpet or mermaid gown might not flatter you completely, know that a fitted bodice will look lovely. Remember, your extra curvy curves ought to be celebrated. There is no need to wear a burlap sack.

Finally, remember that these are just suggestions. You must buy the wedding dress you love and which fits within the budget. You'll look spectacular if you feel that way.

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