What does your “SIGNATURE DRINK” say about you?


You have chosen your event location, created a guest list and ordered the cake. You are working out all the final details to make your event perfect. Time to think drinks! An on-going trend in weddings and other similar events is the creation of a “signature cocktail.” Serving a unique cocktail (or two) has become increasingly popular and it’s an aspect of events we love.

The “signature cocktail” is a great way to add another personal touch to your event. Show off your personality and choose a recipe(s) that represents your personal style or integrate the overall theme of the event and enhance the entire experience for your guests. Pick a drink that incorporates your favorite spirit or color. For example, for a summer wedding, you may want to feature a Mojito or a Mango Martini. Experiment (bonus!) with different combinations of ingredients to come up with the right shade and perfect taste.

It is also perfectly fine to have more than one signature drink at your event – how about a martini menu? or choose one drink to represent the bride and one to represent the groom. Having more than one signature drink option allows your guests to choose what they prefer while incorporating your own personal style at the bar. Once you have chosen your special recipe you can also create a unique name for your cocktail and display it on the bar in a fun and unique way.


Make your wedding or event a signature day with a cocktail your guests won’t forget!



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