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What Does A Wedding Actually Cost?

He popped the question, you said yes, and now it’s time to start planning the day you’ve dreamt of your whole life! You and your fiancé have decided on the kind of wedding you want and even figured out a budget that you’re comfortable with. The first problem is, it’s pretty much impossible to know exactly how much your vision is going to cost until you get much further along in the planning. The second problem is that you set a budget of $15,000 and then it quickly doubled or even tripled. 

Pinterest would like us to think that every bride just got so excited and caught up in the process that they spent $10,000 on a designer dress. But, the real problem is that you thought your rental chairs would cost $2 when they really ended up costing $4. Or you found out that the guest list had grown and you needed two more tables, with 16 more chairs, 16 more table settings and two more centerpieces, etc. Then, you realize that the photographer you love is actually around $5,000 instead of $2,500. Before you know it, you’re close to your budget and you still haven’t added in the cost of your venue, catering, DJ/Band, cake, flowers, planner and décor. 

When researching how to save money for your wedding day, a lot of people will say to DIY your centerpieces. This is a major no-no! What these people forget, is that doing it yourself means just that, you putting in your time and energy, to do it yourself; Coming up with the idea, finding the right components, spending countless days and hours putting them together (making them look as perfect as they did in your mind). Taking them to the venue, but only when the venue will allow you to do so, which maybe only two hours before your ceremony. The worst part is you could end up spending even more than your florist would have charged you and pretty soon your “save money” idea quickly turns into a money/time pit with some “alright” centerpieces. You’re much better off just cutting things that aren’t as important to you. 


Say your guest list is 160, so far. You have 8 people per table, giving you 20 tables and you want to buy mason jars to create your rusticly-chic centerpieces. You decide to add flowers to some and floating candles to the others. You will need approximately 3 or 4 jars per table, making the cost of the mason jars, around $210, without tax. The floating candles are $3 each and the flowers are usually another $100, for one table. When you add it all up, you’ve spent $2,270 (without tax) and you haven’t even taken the time to put them together. 

Between the chair rentals, photographer and the centerpieces you are already at $8,000. And we still haven’t factored in the costs of catering, DJ/Band, ceremony décor/flowers, cake, venue and planner. This is exactly how your $15,000 budget can so easily get doubled or tripled. 

Below is a chart with the breakdown of the average cost of a Colorado wedding. You will see that the total cost is between $33,966 and $56,610 for 100-200 guests. That’s about $300 per person.

Some Things to Consider:

  •  The day you get married ( off days or off season ) 
  •  Booking early with vendors 
  •  Style / Time of day for your reception 
  •  Think outside the box for dinner and dessert. It can save money as well as “wow” your guests if you don’t go with the “traditional”. 

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