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Wedding Sites and Services is excited to announce our partnership with Seated Serenity: A Chair Massage Company!

After organizing and working over 400 Chair Massage Events around the Denver area, the founder of Seated Serenity noticed something big – whole communities in Denver desperate for regular Chair Massage care at an affordable rate, and very few reliable local companies to depend on for that service. Out of that need came a local Denver Chair Massage company you can rely on – Seated Serenity LLC: A Chair Massage Company!

Providing on-site service wherever you need, the team comes to YOU and brings the relaxation and stress relief along. Weddings, Groups, Companies, Trade Shows, Parties... whatever it is, their Massage Therapists have your back!

• What inspired you to want to be a wedding-based Chair Massage Company?

Weddings and Massage are a PB&J combination that makes perfect sense when thinking about how stressful these events can be. Providing bodywork at weddings aligns perfectly with one of our company goals- to provide relaxation where people need it most!

Our mission as Massage Therapists is to bring both stress-relief and serenity to people and bodies that would otherwise be in a state of stress and tension . . . and we all know there are few events in life more stressful than the wedding of you or a loved one. We understand just how much tension the process can cause, and our skilled and experienced team knows JUST how to help.

• What tips or advice can you give couples planning their big day?

Even if it’s not through massage, find time to carve out a plan for stress relief as your big day approaches and on the day itself. Think of the activities that relax you the most and take time to do those things leading up to your walk down the aisle.  It could be a quick 5-minute massage, it could be meditation, or it could even be eating a small dish of your favorite food! Whatever can take the stress of the day off your shoulders for even a few minutes will help you enjoy it all even more.

• Any other info you’d like to share about your company?

You can have our team come anytime or anywhere! Our Therapists can add flair to a bridal shower, could work on the wedding party as everyone is getting ready the morning of the event, for your friends and family between dances at the reception, or we can even come in for chair or table massages for Mom and Dad and/or the happy couple the morning after! Really ANY time someone could use a few minutes of stress relief- we have your back!

We do travel outside of the Denver area for wedding services. Up to 35 miles from our home zip code is included.

We are truly looking forward to seeing what we can do for you and those you love at your upcoming event. Congrats again, we’ll see you soon!

For more information on Seated Serenity, please visit them here.

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