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Wedding Cake Ideas for Fall

Fall weddings continue to grow in popularity, eyeing to one day unseat summer weddings as the most popular time of year to celebrate. As blooms fade and leaves change, fall ceremonies and receptions are distinctive and romantic.  

The autumn harvest opens up a new world of possibilities for all things wedding, from the theme to the invitation to the menu. Wedding cakes have a whole slew of new spices, herbs and vegetables to choose from. After all, using seasonal ingredients and produce in your wedding cake will save you money and keep your cake fresh with local flavor.  

Fall is the season of spices and flavors such as apple, maple, honey, pumpkin and carrot begin to pop up everywhere this time of year. Consider incorporating these flavors into your cake recipe as the leaves begin to change. 

For cake garnishes, jewel-toned hues and rustic touches are all the rage this time of year. Consider adding rich caramel drippings, candied pecans, figs or poached pear to your cake display. 

Take advantage of pumpkin season with a spiced pumpkin layer cake with salted caramel and sea salt drippings. Or try a cardamom infused naked chai spice cake topped with jewel-toned fruit garnishes such as figs and blueberries. 

There are also tons of themes available this time of year. You can host a Halloween celebration or embrace popular desserts from Thanksgiving feasts. It’s also football season, which can be a fun time to add football-themed cake decor or a cake alternative such as a pizza wedding cake into your special day.  

It’s also a good time of year to embrace creative fall flavors such as fig blossom, pomegranate, sweet potatoes, butternut squash and more. 

Check out our visual below for fall cake inspiration, and check out our complete list of 112 Wedding Cake Ideas for Every Season here.

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Fall Wedding Cake Ideas

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