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Ways to Include your Four Legged Friends on Wedding Day - by Spruce Mountain Ranch

You may have seen the adorable trend of furry friends showing up at weddings. We are here to tell you that at Spruce Mountain Ranch we are not only a huge fan of the trend, but we encourage our couples to incorporate their pets into their special day. Why is this so important to us? We know that pets are a part of your family, so incorporating them into your wedding is important! We also think that there is a variety of ways that couples can incorporate their pets to show off their personality. At Spruce Mountain Ranch we have even see couples find a way to incorporate their favorite animal rescue into their wedding. Below we will share a few of our favorite ways animals have been included in Spruce Mountain Ranch weddings. We know there are plenty of new and exciting trends for incorporating animals as well; we would love to see one of our Spruce Mountain Ranch couples try these out.


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Ann Photography 

Ring Bearer

Having your dog serve as the ring bearer is one of the most common ways couples include animals at their wedding. It is also one of the cutest sights to see, and will leave your guests oohing and aahing. If you aren’t comfortable having your pet walk down the aisle by him or herself, then have one of your family members walk the dog down the aisle on a leash. We know that with all of the people at your wedding it may get a bit distracting for your pet, so having a little human to assist will make the process seamless. This option will make for some adorable photos, as well.


Ranch Wedding Indoor Ceremony with a Horse

Photo Credit: Courtney Lamb Photography


Another way that we have seen a bride incorporate her animal into her wedding was by including her horse. We think that Spruce Mountain Ranch is the perfect place to include a horse; it is a ranch after all! Having a horse will also make for some beautiful photos. If you have a horse, but are unsure how to include them into your wedding, why not ride your horse down the aisle? If your father will be your escort then you can either have him on horseback as well or you can have him walk alongside you. You’re grand entrance will be something your guests talk about for years to come.


Photo Credit: Autumn Cutaia Photography 

Rescue Kittens

One of the most unique ways a couple incorporated pets was by adding adorable kittens into their wedding photos. This couple had a very strong common bond, they are both veterinarians. They both also volunteered at an organization called Divine Feline. They decided to feature two rescue kittens in their wedding photos to show off their love for cats and as a way to promote their volunteer organization. This couple did not stop with the kittens! Their wedding cake topper included animals, too. Their wedding was featured in HuffPost, which you can read more about here.

As you can see, we allow our couples to be as creative as they would like when including their pets in their wedding. We hope that these adorable pets helped inspire you to include your pet in your wedding.

Many thanks to our friends at Spruce Mountain Ranch for this blog. To contact them for more information on how you can include your animal please visit them here. They look forward to meeting your furry friend at the wedding!

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