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Venue Spotlight: Grant-Humphreys Mansion

Historic places have so much character and many stories and The Grant-Humphreys Mansion is no exception. Located on the top of Capitol Hill in Denver, this mansion is a hot spot for weddings.

The Grant-Humphreys Mansion was built in 1902 for Governor Grant, the third governor of Colorado. It has four floors, twelve bathrooms, twelve bedrooms, several nannies quarters, infants’ rooms, a bowling alley, ballroom, and shooting gallery.

In 1917, the Humphreys family who occupied it until the 70’s bought the mansion. At that point, the Humphreys donated the mansion to the Colorado historical society and their specific writer on the donation was that it would continue to be used for “fun and joy and events.” The Grant-Humphreys Mansion hosts “fun and joyful events” to this day and your wedding can be one of these events.

When you rent a historic location, there are quirks and restrictions that go with them. With age comes character, like chips, cracks and creaky floors. It may not be a polished palace, but you connect with the past when in this stately gem. The Grant-Humphreys Mansion is an ideal location for a classy, elegant and charming wedding for up to 200 people. It is also a great way to go green for your wedding. Every cent you pay to the mansion goes back into keeping history well cared for.

By Holly Collins, Adventures in Dance 

Visit The Grant-Humphreys Mansion here.

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