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Unforgettable Bridesmaid Gifts

Unforgettable Bridesmaid Gifts

The custom of giving a little gift to thank your bridesmaids is a treasured one.  The gift need not be expensive but should be thoughtfully chosen with each of your bridesmaids unique personalities in mind. Here are a few excellent choices to begin.


Of course this gift is likely the one you think of first. Something tasteful, such as a freshwater pearl bracelet for wrist or ankle would be ideal. Earrings are also a lovely choice. You may even want to select something unique that the bridesmaids can wear with their ensembles on your special day and also enjoy for years to come. Jewelry gifts can be a bit more expensive, but since these are your closest friends; it is often a wonderful keepsake and a symbol of your friendship. The fact that you’re a champion shopper can help you can make it work.

Somewhere to Keep Things

Gift lists for bridesmaids can include things like totes, purses, and jewelry or keepsake boxes. Choose a unique tote or fashionable mini-bag that can be personalized and even filled with a few choice goodies (like a perfume sampler, make-up or luxury lotions) to use on your wedding day and beyond. A distinctive jewelry or keepsake box to keep her very special things in is always a hit. The selection can be endless ensuring that you find the perfect one for each of your bridesmaids. A crystal one with her monogram may bring on tears of joy.

Gift Cards or Certificates

You cannot possibly miss with a gift certificate for a spa treatment, a manicure-pedicure or a special afternoon at her favorite salon. Give her the chance at her own special day of being pampered like royalty.  And the price….you name it! Certificates come in all denominations - there’s one for every budget.

Out of the Ordinary

What woman wouldn’t love aromatherapy candles for her bath? Visit one of the many bedroom/bathroom specialty stores to check out what is available.  Picture frames are another can’t miss gift for the ladies in your wedding ceremony. Consider one with an attached vase, or one personalized with her monogram. She’ll love it. How about a pair of dancing shoes for after the wedding? You could give your ladies a set of fancy dancing socks to help them through the wedding reception, but Tom’s now offers a beaded and bejeweled variety of their signature footwear. These precious little shoes will be easy on her feet for years to come for other fun or formal occasions.

Your special day should be just that – special. Why not make it an exceptional day for your bridesmaids as well by giving them a gift that reminds them of the special bond of friendship you share.

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