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Unconventional Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Unconventional Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding convention is making unexpected and delightful shifts. It's no longer critical that the bride’s wedding party is all female. She can have a brides-man just as the groom may want his sister or best friend at work be a grooms-gal. You need not employ an entire orchestra or even a disc jockey.  If you want to make your special day unforgettable, consider making your own music through your computer and spend your wedding entertainment budget on something entirely different?

All the World's a Stage - Hire Players

Bargain with thespians at your local college or little theatre group to arrive in costume and in character. They will provide a totally different focus on wedding entertainment. A great choice might be the characters from a Midsummer Night's Dream. Imagine the laughs when a donkey falls helplessly in love with your aunt Hilda? Musicals like Cats, of course, complete with show tunes would be purrfect. Dance to Fiddler on the Roof or bring the players all the way from Oklahoma in a pretty little Surry with Fringe on the Top. This is the sort of wedding entertainment your guests will remember for a lifetime.

Have a Magical Day?

Why not bring a bit of prestidigitation to the party?  Hire a strolling magician or two to pull quarters out of the children's ears or, perhaps make the mother of the groom de-materialize. Other, carnival or theme park characters can produce gales of laughter as well. As long as you're thinking carnival, why not borrow a few midway games from a local school or service organization to make yours a celebration unlike others of its kind? We do not recommend including the groom as one of the creatures in the Whack-A-Mole competition, but with a vintage costume he might make a dandy dunking candidate.

Images and Likenesses

To make the memories really last, consider employing a caricature or sketch artist – perhaps someone who works in watercolors – to memorialize the party for posterity. (You'll pay the bill, of course, but tipping the artist ought to be allowed.) Perhaps your photographer would like the opportunity to take photos of the well dressed guests as well.

Thinking outside the box is great fun for the party giver and the party goer as well. Having unique wedding entertainment will add to the joy and keep your guests talking for years to come.

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