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Top Five Spring Wedding Colors

Top Five Spring Wedding Colors 

While colors trend this year toward subtle neutrals and quiet blues, there are a few big, bright flashes of intensity in the wedding palettes of brides around the country. The colors below lend themselves effortlessly to all things wedding from flowers and candles to all your other wedding decorations.

Purples – From orchid to violet including every value in between, purples remain popular in 2014. With the thousands of variations on the purple theme available in flowers, fabrics and traditional (and non-traditional) wedding decorations, if lavender or lilac makes you smile, this is the year to feature it on your big day. Try tossing in a bit of blue here and there, a little lace and "poof" instant wedding.

Neutrals – Soft dove gray and beach-sand gone golden also show up in wedding decorations this year. They may appear to be everything from taupe-y to rosy beige, but they're there making everything appear to be sedate and sophisticated. Of course, neutrals can make friends with any color that suits your fancy and this, of all days, is truly fancy.

Big Blue – As usual, blue makes an appearance this year.  Sky blue or cerulean leads the pack, but, predictably there's the pale dusty robin's egg shade if big blue is just too big. Once again, blue from hydrangea to bachelors button, blue remains the number one color for wedding decorations everywhere. This year it doesn't need to be at all pale.

Orange – Lest you think the wedding decorations and color schemes this year will be sleepy and somber, think again. Sizzling orange, the shades of the amazing cockscomb blossoms, are everywhere. If celosia is a bit intense for your tastes, think about coral. Pair it with some yellow and a bit of white eyelet lace, and you'll have the perfect, dream-sicle day. Bring on the reggae!

Lemony Yellow – As always, bright citrus seems to find its way to this year's wedding decorations. Yellow is a perennial favorite and there's not need to be shy about it. If, on the other hand, something in lemon chiffon is more to your liking, that will work too.

Of course, there's no need for you to follow the first color rule, or follow the leader when it comes to your wedding decoration colors. These are merely popular colors and combinations trending just now. If you want purple and red, so be it. It's your day and you have the final say. It's all about you on this, the first day of your lives together.


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