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Top Five Cities for a Bachelor Party

Top Five Cities for a Bachelor Party

Your main man is planning to walk down that long aisle from which there is no return. Of course you want to make his bachelor party memorable. Here are a few suggestions of cities where the entertainment opportunities are abundant and the experience unique.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Even if the bride didn't schedule the wedding in such a way as to make a trip to Mardi Gras fit neatly into the bachelor party plan, you should consider the trip. If you plan in advance, rent your own balcony over Bourbon Street from which to watch the revelry and dispense beads. There are also an astonishing number of watering holes in the French Quarter to keep your whistles wet. (We believe there is a statute that requires you to get your party passport stamped at Pat O'Brien's before you leave the city!)

Las Vegas, Nevada

Okay, sin city is cliché. Vegas is world renowned as a Bachelor Party Mecca for important reasons; show girls, gambling, show girls, great food, scantily clad show girls are five of the best reasons men have for planning the Bachelor Party in Vegas. All the glitz and glamour and some of the most beautiful women on the planet make this little corner of Nevada a great choice. Like all the other cities listed here, it is a short plane trip away from anywhere in the US and can make a long weekend unforgettable. (Or, totally forgotten, depending upon your capacity for alcohol.)

Key West, Florida

Lots of guidebooks to great Bachelor Parties suggest Miami or South Beach as great party venues. We think Key West is a better choice. For one thing, unless yours is an especially well financed group, the costs are more manageable. The atmosphere in Key West is far more laid back and, walking from gentleman's club to gentleman's club is perfectly possible.

New York, New York

If you're looking for the ultimate Bachelor Party venue, don't overlook the Big Apple. For entertainment (of virtually any kind,) you can count on New York. Whether it's pub crawling, bar hopping, or visiting the elite clubs of celebrities you can find it all here. As for food, well, you can find whatever you like in America's city. While you're there, see a Broadway show. (You may need an alibi.)

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

You'll need your passport to visit this party town, but if you do, you won't be disappointed. There is a reason Montreal makes it on to every top ten list for Bachelor Parties created. It's possible you might visit one of Montreal's world renowned establishments wherein women dance while removing their clothing. Art enthusiasts who frequent these clubs say it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A bachelor party for your wingman is something you'll want to do up right. A weekend in one of these cities will accomplish that noble goal.

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