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Top 5 Beach Wedding Venues

Top 5 Beach Wedding Venues

Beach weddings grow more and more popular each year. This is particularly handy if you live near the ocean. If you live inland, however, why not plan ahead and fill your wedding day with the music of waves and songs of seagulls? Here are a few suggestions of the best beach wedding venues in the country.

The Caribbean – Pick a Beach, Any Beach

Brides and grooms are learning that the 'all inclusive' nature of many Caribbean resorts make having a wedding there perfectly affordable. With an array of specials and deals which will help not only with the planning but also with the airfare for you and your guests, you may discover that any one of these exquisite tropical destinations are just your cup of champagne.

Kapalua Beach, Hawaii

Hawaii has been a perennial favorite wedding venue for brides and their husbands-to-be for generations. Because the topography in this island chain is so varied, you can opt for mountain top nuptials as easily as you can select breathtaking Kapalua Bay on the island of Maui where the perfectly shaped crescent beach and white sand create the perfect backdrop for your ceremony.

Clearwater Beach, Florida

The best news in tourism is that destinations like Clearwater Beach have caught the wedding bug. This means they recognize that weddings and their associated expenditures make weddings big, big tourism business. Clearwater Beach is remote enough to afford you a piece of beach of your own, it's just 30 minutes from all the amenities available in Tampa. As a wedding venue, Clearwater Beach is almost unbeatable.

Coronado Beach, California

Whether you choose big and bountiful, or cozy and intimate for your wedding ceremony, Coronado Beach, near San Diego, California, will meet your wedding venue needs. You can opt to use one of their several wedding packages that take care of all the details for you or you can do it yourself. Treat your guests to a panoramic view of the Pacific and a place where sunset photos are breathtaking.

Canon Beach, Oregon

Uniquely photographable and totally spectacular, Oregon's Canon Beach is a beach wedding venue that earns kudos. Nearby hotels offer package deals and the amenities are never far away if you'd rather do it yourself.

Pick a panorama that suits you perfectly. There are countless other beach wedding venues that will bring the element of timelessness to your ceremony. All you must do is pick one and plan around it. (Don't forget to ask for wedding discounts and deals with the locals.)

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