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Tips to make your first dance memorable

Many brides want to have a signature first dance. It is one of those great parts of your wedding that let's YOU stand out from your friends and relatives. People remember a great first dance. You want to be able to dance the night away... and look good doing it. Just as important, you want to teach your partner a few new moves to break them out of that one move they think looks cool. So, how much effort does it take to really do this? We asked our dance pro, Holly Collins and here's how she broke it down:


How many dance lessons do I need to dance for my wedding? On Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips

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How many lessons will it take me to learn to dance for my wedding? This is a very important question when it comes to fitting your dancing to you. Each person has unique learning styles, abilities, and time available to work on leaning a new skill. Here is the best question to ask yourself as you plan on leaning to dance for your wedding.

How good do I want to look and feel?
This sets the expectations for how much time it will take you. Here are some statistics. According to Malcom Gladwell to be an expert is 10,000 hours. That is how many hours it took Tony Dovolani  on dancing with the stars to perfect his dancing, and he is still working at it today. So what about the stars they teach? Each star spend 244 hours on their dancing in the course of 8 weeks, or about 8 hrs. a day. Ok, so you may not have the time for that.

Let’s look at how much time some real wedding couples spent on their dancing:

You can see them on my blog, here:

In conclusion, the only way to Carnegie Hall is with practice, practice, practice. So there is no shortcut in leaning (dancing in a hurry). Make time for yourself so you can look and feel your best for your first dance.

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