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Tips for Choosing Perfect Wedding Centerpieces

Tips for Choosing Perfect Wedding Centerpieces

Your wedding day should be an expression of the happy couple and, these days, the typical floral wedding centerpieces and other decorations are being supplemented or eliminated by alternative wedding decorations which speak clearly about the people involved. Your centerpiece choices can be anything from candles and mirrors to whimsical feathers, pinwheels and parasols. Your wedding decoration choices are really only limited by your imagination, so be creative. Your budget will also help to dictate the nature of your centerpieces, so creativity is doubly important.

Consider the Venue

If your wedding reception will be held out-of-doors, remember that the wedding sprites may send the elements your way which can play havoc with your decorations. If yours will be a summer wedding in the Deep South, you may want to opt for silk flowers which will not wilt in the heat and humidity. If you had bouquets of strawberries and chocolates in mind for that same reception, the heat of the day might spoil your beautiful wedding decorations.

Your Colors and Your Theme

Since reception centerpieces can be very expensive, consider ways in which you can creatively use your colors and your theme in inexpensive ways as wedding decorations. For example a clear bowl of sliced lemons in water can be elegantly simple and beautifully yellow. Glass pebbles, sea shells and large single blossoms in vases with ribbons are all lovely ways to reiterate your wedding color choices. Candles, tea lights, and lanterns can be exquisite, but it’s a good idea to check with the venue first. Occasionally the reception site will have restrictions about open flames which might require adjustments to your wedding decoration plans.

Honoring your Guests

The point of having lovely tablescapes at your wedding reception is to make your honored guests comfortable and happy to be included in your exciting day.  Your wedding decorations and centerpieces need not be expensive, but they do need to be thoughtfully chosen to create an atmosphere of festivity and celebration.

There are a thousand ways to personalize your wedding decorations and reception centerpieces to make them even more memorable. If one or both of the happy pair are teachers, a small, framed blackboard with their names or initials among hearts and flowers would be perfect. If they are scientists, put the flowers in beakers of colored water. If they plan to spend their honeymoon fishing, set the balloons or flowers into fishing creels. Set your imagination free – it’s bound to make memories.

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