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Time to Choose Your Wedding Party

Choosing members of your wedding party is a big step in the wedding planning process. Being a member of the wedding party is a huge honor for any friend or family member that you ask. But it’s also a very big responsibility, especially for the best man and maid of honor, so that is something to keep in mind when you decide who you are going to ask to be involved.



When picking your maid of honor and best man, think about those people in your life that you are the closest with. Traditionally, it is a sister or brother, but times have definitely changed. You want to ask the person that you believe will be able to handle not just the responsibility that comes with the job, but the person that you truly want in that position. Your best friend in the world can be like family and therefore they may be the best person to choose to stand up next to you on your big day. There are many jobs that the maid of honor and best man take on, but those will be discussed in detail later on.



Once you have chosen your best man and maid of honor, you need to decide on the rest of your bridal party; bridesmaids and groomsmen. These members of the wedding party are typically your closest friends and other family members. They also take on a good amount of work when it comes to your wedding, like help planning the engagement party, bridal showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties and much more.



One of the hardest parts of choosing your wedding party is that you feel like you may offend a friend or family member if you don’t ask them. This is an understandable concern, but try not to let it get to you. Remember, this is your wedding day and the people who you have standing up next to you at the altar should not just be the most important people in your life, but those that love you and want to be there to share the love with you and your partner on your wedding day!

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