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The Wedding Dress – Reap the Benefits of a Sample Sale

The Wedding Dress – Reap the Benefits of a Sample Sale

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a Sample or Trunk Sale, you may be missing the key to finding designer wedding dresses for as much as 95 percent off.  From time to time, bridal stores and wedding gown retailers need to clear their showrooms for new stock so they schedule a Sample Sale. The gowns offered are ‘like new’ but may have been tried on many times. Some may need cleaning or simple repairs but they are still exquisite wedding dresses. Shopping a sample sale is a unique experience. Sample sales may be even more intense than Black Friday, but they have the distinction of promising significant savings on the most expensive dress you may ever buy. Here are a few tips to help you in your quest.


The wedding dresses offered at sample sales are usually in smaller sizes – 6 to 10 – and meant for women of average height. While wedding dresses can be fairly easily tailored downward, making alterations for a fuller figure are difficult or impossible.  If you are a full figured bride, very petite, or taller than average, you should check with stores that specialize in larger sized wedding dresses to learn where and when they hold such sales.

Plan Ahead

In order to take full advantage of a sample sale, and the savings made possible by such events, you need to be very organized and sure of where and when the sales will take place. Because these sales are very popular and take place in larger cities, the competition may be fierce. Even the queue to get into the sale may run for blocks and be forming for hours or days. Wear clothing that’s quick and easy to get into and out of and don’t expect a sedate shopping experience.

The Last Resort

A sample sale is NOT the place to start your dress-buying adventure. You should know well in advance of the sale what style wedding dress you want, what looks best on you, and have a good feel for the going price of similar gowns. Because the sample sale is frequently something of a free-for-all, you’ll want to be prepared to make a decision quickly. Be in full buying mode when you arrive. Bring your best advisors and your money with you.

Sample sales can create big savings, but they do have their drawbacks. Do your homework and don’t forget to bring your sense of humor. You’ll probably need it.

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