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The Top Ten Spring Wedding Flowers

The Top Ten Spring Wedding Flowers

Your wedding flowers say amazing things about you. Of course there are orchids, gladiolus, and lilies of every size, shape and color, but for a spring wedding, nature's own palette of pastels and brilliant swatches of bright vibrant blues and purples can set the mood for the most romantic of weddings.

Tulips - Nothing says spring like tulips. Available these days in any color and with petal shapes ranging from plain and simple to feathered and fringy, these colorful springtime bloomers are hard to beat and are right at home in the role of wedding flowers.

Daisies - A multi-season favorite, daisies are not just inexpensive, they come in a glorious variety of colors and sizes to make any bouquet or centerpiece charming and unforgettable.

Carnations - If a carnation doesn't happen to grow in your favorite color, they are easily tinted to match your wedding flower palette.

Roses - Exquisite roses can be had in any shade you like and are, of course, the global symbol of love. They just don't look like love, their scent speaks of it.

Peonies - Peonies are neither so rare nor so thorny as roses, but they come in many colors and are much easier on the pocketbook. They are always a popular addition among a bride's wedding flower shopping cart.

Hydrangeas - Clusters of hydrangeas lend themselves well to the bridal bouquet and can, when called upon, make a stunning centerpiece with or without backup.

Anemones – Also called wind flowers, the Anemone comes in countless colors and are, thanks to their slender stems, perfect for the bride who wants to carry a simple bouquet of long-stemmed brightness in a simple style. Of course they play nicely with other blooms as well and are a great addition to your other wedding flowers.

Ranunculus – If you want a riot of colors from yellows and oranges, or prefer seventy different shades of pink for your wedding flowers, ranunculus needs to be on your short list. Sometimes called the Persian Buttercup, these many-petaled beauties are stunning alone or with armloads of other blooms.

Cherry Blossoms – Increasingly popular as an entire wedding theme, the delicate pink of actual cherry blossoms can be impossible to come by other than in a few short springtime weeks. Nevertheless, you can include these seasonal beauties in your ceremony no matter what time of year you choose. (Many thanks, silk flower makers!)

Lavender – Another simple bouquet idea is an arm full of lavender to accompany the bride down the aisle. Of course, lavender pairs very well with other, more exotic blooms for a more sophisticated bouquet.

By choosing some or all of these springtime lovelies, you can make your wedding flower arrangements sing with color and beauty.

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