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Substitutions for Floral Arrangements

Substitutions for Floral Arrangements

Few women have the resources to plan a wedding wherein money is no option. Actually, most weddings are budget driven – an unromantic, but indisputable fact. The biggest challenges you will face as you plan your special day will be where and how to rein in expenditures so that you may spend your savings on the dress, or the venue, or, better yet, the honeymoon. Since wedding flowers can be a huge chunk of your overall budget, they are also a great place to get creative and pare down the prices.

Begin with the Bouquet

If you have decided to do away with the usual floral pieces at your wedding, you will first need to come up with a clever bouquet idea for the bride and her retinue. Often bridesmaids carry parasols or clutch purses instead of the usual wedding flowers. Other favorites are lanterns, fans, feathers, or other baubles can create a colorful alternative to conventional wedding flowers. Each of these items can be successfully translated to all the other places where flowers would be traditional.

The Aisle and Pews

Set the artist inside you free. Using some tissue paper flowers, a bit of fabric like tulle or even burlap, for that matter, set off by ribbons in your wedding colors, and you can make your wedding ceremony venue sparkle for less. If you’ve chosen fans or parasols for your brides’ ladies in waiting, you can add them here to bring the entire theme together. These items can be found at party stores, on eBay, or at the local dollar store. Ribbons and doilies can get pricey, so set your budget and stick to it. You may determine that each of the pews does not need decoration, or that every-other row might be decorated to achieve a similar result.


Table decorations need not be elaborate to be beautiful. A few junk store vases, all spray painted in your wedding colors and filled with bare branches or feathers can be beautiful. A batch of dollar store glass cylinders filled with pebbles or sea shells with or without tea lights are beautiful alternatives to traditional wedding flowers. Of course, candles arranged in odd numbers, are perfect as centerpieces when they are surrounded by scattered leaves or the aforementioned pebbles and/or sea shells.

Keeping the colors and fabrics consistent throughout the decorating process will help to weave the loose ends together and make the most unconventional decorative touches look inspired. Never lose sight of this; this is YOUR special day. Dress it to please you and your purse.

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