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Something Old, Something New: Traditions with a Twist Make Your Wedding Uniquely You

Weddings are full of traditions that are steeped in history, each having its own story and purpose. Some traditions are worth keeping, while others can be updated. Let's look at three new and old wedding traditions and learn how you can personalize them to suit your vision!


1. Wedding First Look
Waiting to see the bride until she walks down the aisle dates back hundreds of years. Many thought it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. The truth is that it was bad business for arranged marriages! The families in the arranged marriage did not want the couple to get cold feet before the deal was done.

A new tradition is the first look. The couple can have one last moment together as singles. Then they are ready to embark on all the excitement of the wedding.

DCPA Dancers wedding first look

2. Cell Phone Free Ceremony
Cell phones have taken over many aspects of life. But your guests can be engaged and present at your ceremony if they are phone-free. Encourage guests to stay in the moment by turning off their phones and you will all experience a better ceremony.

3. Comfortable Shoes
Who would have thought that comfortable shoes would make a comeback? Uncomfortable shoes date back to the hobnailed shoes of the baroque era. Many brides sport a 4" heel under their Cinderella-style wedding gowns. It does not take long for those slippers to be lost! This results in her enchanting gown trailing through all kinds of muck and mire, not to mention tired toes.

I love the new comfortable shoe trend. From sparkling converse tennis shoes to ballet flats and kitten heels, comfy shoes rule! Out of sight under your gown, they'll keep your feet happy for your whole wedding.

ballroom dance wedding shoe Iand roses in Littleton Co south of Denver



1. White Wedding Dress
From the dawn of time, brides chose wedding dresses in their favorite color. Queen Victoria first popularized the white wedding gown and it has remained popular ever since. However, white does not look good on everyone. Current trends include flattering colors like blush, cream, and ivory. For those bold brides, scarlet and navy gowns rule! Remember to pick the gown that inspires you.

Wedding gowns with straps

2. Tossing the Bouquet/Garter
The bouquet/garter toss should become a thing of the past. This tradition has a ragged history: it used to be considered good luck to tear off a piece of the bride's wedding gown. But too many exuberant guests would leave the bride in rags! To counter this, the garter and bouquet were added. By tossing these removable accessories, the wedding couple could escape with their attire unscathed.

The modern bouquet/garter toss can be an awkward moment for single guests. Many singles are not excited to bring attention to their lack of marital status. A better idea? Present your maid of honor or mother in law with the bouquet and give the garter to your best man. 

Catching the Boquet

3. First Dance
THIS tradition is a keeper. Today you can go beyond the traditional waltz and have a dance designed to your personality. Think about a song mashup, or something south of the border like a salsa. Planning a themed wedding? Pick a dance that fits your theme! Disney theme? Pick a princess wedding dance. Speakeasy theme? Think Charleston or swing. The sky is the limit!

Wedding First Dance Kick

Something old, something new, use the traditions that work best for you. New traditions that are relevant to our times are worth adding. Updating old traditions to fit your wedding allows you to keep your connection to the past. Remember, this is your wedding... design it to fit you!

Many thanks to Holly Collins from Adventures in Dance for this blog. For more information on Adventures in Dance, please visit them here.

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