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Pre-Wedding Tips Your Mother Didn’t Tell You

Every couple wants each part of their wedding day to be perfect from the dress to the wedding venue. Most couples spend the months leading up to their wedding preparing to look their best by visiting personal trainers, estheticians, makeup artists, hair stylists and more! We pulled advice from a Colorado wedding planner, an orthodontist, and a personal fitness trainer to ensure you look your best on the big day! We know that your wedding day is a huge milestone in your love story and sharing it with your closest connections, remembering the magical moments, and keeping your sanity while you gather the details is priority.

We give many awesome tips in this article but we want a moment to emphasize to start with aligning your teeth to allow the doctor time to make your smile amazing. This process takes the most time of all these suggestions and it’s crucial to allow as much time as possible - depending on your personal needs. The F.A.S.T system offered by Trinity Orthodontics is truly revolutionary and reduces the number of appointments for busy brides and grooms. If you have minimal needs and want a super cost-effective solution, MVO (My Virtual Orthodontics) may be a better fit. Evaluating your needs early in the planning process for your wedding will save you substantial time, stress, and money during your wedding day. 

 “Couples get so excited and eager that they typically don’t realize getting a head start and allowing time to plan gives you a HUGE advantage,” says Jessica Gonzales, a wedding planner with Great Minds Event Planning in Denver, Colorado. “Thinking ahead can decrease your waste, prevent stress, and truly give you the wedding you’re imagining.”

What type of pre-wedding tasks should you opt for? That all depends on your starting line and your vision for the wedding. However, we present to you a few (less obvious) considerations during the pre-planning process.

How to Calm Down Pre-Wedding Anxiety

The engagement phase is said to be the most beautiful phase in a couple’s life! It is truly the golden period in one’s love life. While the excitement of announcing your new engagement to your friends and family can be consuming, there are many other things that follow and honestly, they can seem quite daunting. You just got engaged. What’s next? 

Pre-wedding jitters are an absolutely real thing to experience. Pre-wedding jitters make you question whether your wedding dress somehow got dirty or if you missed out on a tiny detail when decorating the reception venue. 

All of the minor details can quickly become overwhelming. Here are a few tips on how to get rid of pre-wedding jitters: 

  • Schedule a pre-wedding massage to relieve stress, improve your sleep, boost your immune system, lift your mood and even reduce bloating.
  • Listening to music can help really relax your nerves and sooth your anxiety.
  • Meditation helps you get physically and emotionally calm. Get in touch with your inner self. You’ll be able to feel confidence. 
  • Try talking to someone else, a family member, a friend or even your partner. Your family has already gone through and experienced wedding jitters so they’ll understand you and give you the right advice!
  • Take a bath in essential oils. Essential oils like lavender and tea tree oil have been known to have calming soothing effects. Try to just soak in those oils for fifteen minutes or so and feel re-energized and calm.
  • Laughing is a great way to feel calm as well. It helps release tension and helps you relax. 

Bride-to-be getting a massage to relieve pre-wedding stress

Most of the time, pre-wedding jitters can be solved with just a friendly pep talk. Your friends and family are there to support you and so is your partner. Having a code word for your closest friends/family to signal when you’re having an emotionally tough time is great so they can help out. 

“I once had a bride integrate a color coded system so her bridesmaids knew how to handle her anxiety.” says Jessica. “Code blue associated with her favorite blue labeled snacks and beverages, code yellow meant she needed a specific family member (whom was wearing yellow), and code red signaled that tissues and whisky shots were needed - STAT! I knew if she was ordering code red that my presence was likely needed,” laughs Jessica.

The Ring

There is a new stunning rock on your finger and we need to make sure it stays there by getting it sized. Your fiancé might have picked out the perfect ring but there are chances it was not very accurate on size. 

Keep in mind that many factors can affect your ring size leading up to the wedding and DURING the wedding day. Are you saying, “I do” at a destination wedding? Warm or cool temperatures can cause the fingers to swell or decrease your ring finger size. Dancing, jogging, hiking on the day of the wedding can affect this as well. If you plan on losing weight to look your best than be sure to size the ring closer to the date of your wedding - yet with plenty of time for them to properly adjust it (4 weeks at the latest).

If you are staying local, not anticipating extreme weight loss, or don’t typically experience much finger swelling with your regular jewelry then this is one less thing to worry about.

Newly engaged bride showing engagement ring off to her friends

Choosing Your Style

Wedding planning is exciting, but it has the potential to come with a lot of stress. It is crucial for you to first figure out your style. While some like to opt for the traditional route, others like to go more with the contemporary trends and their effortless flow. 

Make your choice and stick with it! It is very easy to get consumed with the planning process but if it becomes overwhelming, turn to a professional and get rid of that unnecessary stress. Starting with a clear plan is the best way to ensure your wedding day will meet your expectations. 

“The biggest challenge with most couples,” explains Jessica, “is the pressure from friends and family to serve a certain type of food, celebrate at a certain destination, or decorate a certain way. It’s important to remember that modern weddings can be anything you want it to be and it’s YOUR Wedding. I often remind my couples throughout the planning process that this will be a milestone in THEIR love story and ultimately a memory just for them. It’s great to invite your friends/family to celebrate it with you; but ultimately, it’s YOUR memory you are designing.”

Choosing Your Wedding Color Scheme

The color palette is the first thing your guests will notice as soon as they enter the wedding reception or even when they received your wedding invitation. The colors you select will have the power to set the mood of an entire event. 

The décor of your wedding venue also depends on the color scheme you will select. Once you will select the colors, other elements like centerpieces and floral will naturally fall into place. If you are finding yourself lost, just take a deep breath and follow the given tips.

If you ever get overwhelmed and lost in the numerous options for your wedding, take a step back. Make decisions based on your personality, personal favorites, and let your unique tastes shine.

Wedding decor with romantic lighting and bright pink floral centerpieces

Think Beyond Neutrals

The white and cream colors might give the classic dreamy look, but don’t be afraid to look for bolder schemes. When it comes to colors no answer is wrong. However, do not assume that you are bound to select a scheme that does not have any neutral shade. You are free to do whatever you want because after all, it is your wedding!

Let Nature Guide You 

If you are planning to add something special, just narrow your focus and pay attention to the flowers that will be in season when you have to walk down the aisle. In the present age, you can easily get pretty much any flowers year-round, but it is the most affordable to select the seasonal flowers.

1.  For the summer wedding, blush peonies area a great option

2.  Wine-stained dahlias are perfect for the wedding planned for fall

3.  Roses are a classic staple of romance and perfect for anytime of the year

4.  Feel free to take a look at what has been trending

Get Ready to Look Fabulous

Engagement means your wedding is coming up and you can no longer dodge the gym. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life; you must look and feel your absolute best. If you are looking to tone and trim before the big day, now is the time to start focusing on yourself and getting ready for the wedding. 

According to Jason Butler with Bodyworx, “The timeline is really important because it determines how aggressive the program will be. In reality, most people are willing to put themselves through more than they normally would in anticipation of their wedding day, which can cause injuries. With that in mind, it makes no sense to throw someone into an extreme fitness regimen for a wedding.”

Bride working out in the gym with a personal trainer

Focus on doing the basics to support your fitness goals: consistent sleep, hydration, healthy meal options, and exercise. It’s always best to train towards overall efficiency vs. grueling effort, live an active lifestyle, and focus on your nutrition. “Nutrition will be half the results that you see.” Butler emphasizes that added stress from planning a wedding and extreme weight loss goals can be more harmful than helpful. The increased stress can affect hormones and cause your body to hold onto fat cells. It may cause you to be sore longer. A great way to combat this issue is to ensure your having fun during your fitness program.

“Beware any workout that claims a one-size fits all approach”
Jason Butler, Fitness Coach

Don’t let the wedding be the finish line for your new healthy habits. Let it encourage you to maintain those results. Do you really want to go through another extreme transformation? Let those new habits stick!

Make sure there are clear expectations between your trainer and your goals. You are creating a relationship and it’s important how your trainer works toward getting results. Great communication is key to ensuring you both understand what you want in time for your wedding day.


Invisalign uses a series of thin clear covers that fit tightly over teeth called aligners. It’s the world’s most advanced clear aligner for straightening teeth and has helped over 5.5 million smiles. It is nothing like the traditional metal braces that you might think of initially. Invisalign Clear Aligners are more comfortable, 50% faster than traditional braces, and move more smiles with greater precision and predictability. Visit Trinity Orthodontics for a consultation to determine your time frame and questions about your specific concerns. Many doctors offer Invisalign; however, Trinity Orthodontics is the #1 Provider in the Rocky Mountain Region for many revolutionary reasons. Unlike what most Orthodontics communicate, Invisalign can conquer many complicated alignment cases and every one is a candidate for Invisalign. Their F.A.S.T system offers 90% fewer appointments and great availability on Saturdays. Hence, they have earned their motto of “Straight Teeth for Super Busy People.” This may be a great consideration if you want to fix:

  1. Overbite
  2. Underbite
  3. Gapped teeth 
  4. Crowded teeth 

before your wedding day. Your wedding photos will be remembered and documented for the rest of your life. Your wedding is great opportunity to correct the above issues and work towards this goal. 

“We can get results faster than traditional braces with virtually no pain at all."
- Dr. Bryan Nelson, Orthodontist

Smiling bride-to-be with beautiful straight teeth after Invisalign

"I don’t understand why anyone would choose braces over clear Invisalign liners - especially if they are anticipating a wedding,” explains Dr. Bryan Nelson. The doctor is an oral health advocate educating thousands of people about the real truth of orthodontic practices. “I have been thrilled with the incredible results I am able to achieve with Invisalign that I am always spreading the word to prevent families from wasting their money.  I was happy to lower the price of Invisalign to match braces so my patients could make the best decision for their health - not just their wallet.”      

There will be no restrictions related to food because you may remove the aligners while munching down on your favorite meals. They are very easy to clean and maintain. On your wedding, you can remove the Invisalign, if you prefer, for your perfect smile and keep using it afterwards as well!

“If you have minor adjustments and want a less expensive option,” explains Dr. Nelson, “or if you simply want more control over your progress with less appointments during your busy life, I would recommend MVO (My Virtual Orthodontics). MVO allows you to be evaluated and scanned, your clear aligners are delivered to you, and your case is supervised by an actual orthodontist online. You simply switch out the aligners at your own pace and reach out electronically whenever you have a question. MVO works around your schedule - not the doctor’s.”

Many thanks to our friends at Trinity Orthodontics for this blog. For more information, please visit them here. 

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