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Planning your Wedding Playlist

Planning your Wedding Playlist

Unless your wedding is planned for a venue that supplies wedding entertainment as part of the contract, you’ll be responsible for hiring an orchestra, a band, or a Disc Jockey to keep the music rolling through your ceremony and the reception. If finding such entertaining folks weren’t difficult enough, you will want to be sure that the music played is suitable to your celebration and will inspire your guests to kick up their heels at the reception. You will need to create a playlist.

Songs. Songs. Songs.

Music, like brides, comes in a gazillion variations. As you plan your playlist, think about what music says the most about the happy couple and the occasion at hand. Early in the party, while the bride and groom are occupied in the reception line, background music might be more sedate. Later in the evening, after the geriatric crowd goes home, you may want to crank up the hip hop, so timing, just as surely as the music itself, needs to be addressed. Wedding entertainment music should inspire your guests to get out on the dance floor. This is no mean feat, though, since there are likely to be several generations represented at the party.

Mix it Up

Because yours will be a diverse group, it might seem unlikely that you can find music to please everybody. It isn’t as difficult as you might imagine. There are countless websites online with wedding entertainment suggestions for every theme and every age group. Interestingly, Big Band classics and Motown sounds seem quite at home in the 21st century and can coax the wallflowers onto the dance floor in no time. The key is to mix the playlist up with something for everybody.

Do It Yourself?

With today’s technology, more and more brides are becoming their own DJ’s. Since they have already chosen a playlist, which is the hard part, it makes sense for some to simply use their iPods and laptops to generate the music for wedding entertainment. Of course, to accomplish this there may be the need to rent or buy speakers – and those must generate sufficient sound to make dancing irresistible. You will also need to find somebody who can edit the playlist if things fall into a slump, or to ward away guests who want to shuffle the list.

Whether you hire a DJ or do it yourself, the wedding entertainment is part of the wedding you will remember for the rest of your life. The key is to make the memories happy ones.

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