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Plan Now, Party Later! 3 Tips on How to Plan Your Wedding During COVID-19

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We all have some extra time right now, so if you are recently engaged, it is the PERFECT time to plan your wedding! With so many venues and vendors more excited than ever to work with you and offering unique and flexible options for your event and for accommodating your socially-distant planning, you need not miss a beat when it comes to creating your dream day! Here are three tips on how to start:


1. Find a resource you can trust to help you find the best venues and service providers.

You'll want to make sure your research is efficient and leads you to the professionals who are the best fit for YOUR unique love story and wedding goals. Friends and family who are local and have already gone through the process of hosting an event can be a good source of recommendations.

But you may also want to turn to someone with a broad range of knowledge and connections: with 20 years in the industry, Wedding Sites and Services has relationships with the best in the business. Our partners include hundreds of venues and event services, and if you find them on our site, in our digital publication, or on our mobile app, you can be assured they are the best of the best.

 2. Have fun with non-traditional ways of exploring your options.

Once you have narrowed down your choices, reach out to each site or service and find out what they are offering to assist you in planning.

  • Service professionals may be happy to set up a video chat with you so you can get to know them and their work.

  • Sample food and cake by trying delivery or curbside pickup from the many caterers and bakers who are offering it (a great way to support our local businesses at the same time!).

  • Many venues are offering virtual tours and most have videos and galleries available for exploring the property from the safety and comfort of your home. has the phone number, website and social media links for every one of our partners, and they will all be happy to show you what they offer and discuss your unique vision. We are also sharing information about socially-distant planning options from these partners on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so make sure you follow those!

If you are heeding stay-at-home orders with your fiancé, sit down with your favorite drinks and snacks and make it a fun activity to explore these businesses while accomplishing your planning!

3. Work with a planner.

Wedding planners understand the “big picture” of your wedding day while handling all the small details so your planning AND your day will remain stress-free and go smoothly. Now more than ever, you want to avoid any planning stress, and planners can keep you calm and actually SAVE you money! They know how much things cost and have the right sources, items and secrets to help complete your vision. They will lay out your options and may suggest alternatives to help save you money and get the best “bang” for your buck! They can also help you define what you are looking for by asking the questions that you may not have considered, and have knowledge of current trends that will help make your day unforgettable.

Bonus tip: Download our free wedding planner.

This planner, compiled from our years of experience and knowledge about every aspect of wedding planning, contains valuable information you need, from timelines, to budgeting, to questions you should ask... and it's totally FREE!

Be safe, stay well, and have fun planning!

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