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New Vendor Interview: Dance Amore – Latin, Ballroom & Swing

We’re excited to partner up with Sherry Pike, owner of Dance Amore – Latin, Ballroom & Swing! We wanted to learn a little more about her and her business, so we put a few questions in front of her and asked her to give us a little background on herself, her love of dance and her business.

Heyyyy Sherry…

• What inspired you want to be a dance instructor? 

I have danced all my life and nothing brings me greater joy than dancing! I studied Ballet, Tap, and Jazz from ages 5 to 17 and was on the dance/drill teams in Junior High, Senior High, and College. I have choreographed ever since I can remember. I absolutely love to choreograph, especially Wedding Dances. It just comes naturally to me. I have been teaching Latin, Ballroom, and Swing Dance for 23 years! Passing the joy of dancing on to others is so incredibly rewarding, especially to wedding couples. Partner dancing creates a connection between two people that is difficult to describe unless you have experienced it. When my students experience that connection with each other on the dance floor, especially for their wedding dance, it’s just magical!  

• Tell us a little about your business:  

I teach Private Dance Lessons to Wedding Couples in preparation for their “1st Dance”, Parent Dances, Wedding Party Dance, Reception, and/or Honeymoon.  Generally, the couple chooses a special song and I match the “Partner Dance” to that song such as Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Cha Cha, etc. I teach the couple “Steps/Pattern”, “Lead/Follow”, “Connection”, “Styling”, “Musicality”, and Choreography for their chosen dance. The choreography is creatively custom designed for each couple while expressing their relationship, personalities, essence of their wedding, and overall vision of their 1st dance.

• How would you describe your style?

My style of teaching is warm and friendly. However, I am also a very technical instructor making sure my students learn the fundamentals of partner dancing so they have a foundation to build on, but not without having lots of fun!

• What sets you apart from other vendors in your category? 

I believe what sets me apart is my patience with my students and my overall ability to teach. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Speech/Language Pathology and a Master’s Degree in Speech/Language Pathology, not to mention 25 years practicing in that field with children, people with developmental disabilities, and neurologically impaired adults (such as strokes, brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.). I know how to convey the information to my dance students. Everyone’s brain processes information differently. It is my job as an instructor to figure out how each student learns and teach accordingly. Also, most people feel very vulnerable when learning to dance. I am able to put them at ease and help them to build their confidence as they gradually become dancers. 

• How far in advance should couples contact you to start their planning with you?  

It is best to begin dance lessons 4 to 6 months prior to the wedding depending on how complex they want their dance to be and/or how extensive their overall goals are for learning.

• What tips or advice can you give couples planning their big day?

Please do not be afraid to learn to dance! I believe there is a dancer within everyone. And those who have no dance experience at all will find that partner dancing is less intimidating than you think because there is a lot of structure to it. Then, you build on that foundation and before you know it you are dancing together as a couple!

For more information on Dance Amore, please visit them here.

Dance Amore provides latin ballroom and swing wedding dance instruction to Colorado couples.

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