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Meet Suzanne Marie Photography!

Meet Suzanne Marie Photography!

We sat down with Suzanne from Suzanne Marie Photography in beautiful Colorado to see what makes her tick and why she got into the extremely tough field of wedding photography. She also gives some tips about planning your wedding (hint: remember that it is YOUR wedding).



•What inspired you to be a photographer:

My grandparents… Hands down are the most important people in my life. After my father passed away they stepped up and raised me. They taught me that life NEEDS to be captured in photographs. My nana has an old chest (that would often be the background for our photos) that is full of photographs. This thing likely weighs 200-300 pounds - not kidding! I have pictures of everything I loved growing up, from the pair of sparkly red "Dorothy slippers" I was head over heels in love with to the intimate moments of me with my grandpa heading to our first father-daughter dance together. I can remember every detail and relive every moment. This I believe is something that EVERYONE should be able to do.


•What is your favorite part of the job: 

My favorite part of the job is probably sitting down and going through my photos. Whether it's a few hours after an engagement session or wedding or a couple of weeks later, I am able to look back and remember the emotion I felt radiating from a couple at that very moment. I get to relive someone else's love over and over.


•How would you describe your personality:

All over the place. Haha. No, but really! I am everywhere! I am outgoing and fun. I can be quiet and introverted. I can be loud and obnoxious. I feel as though I'm a chameleon. My personality adapts to that of the client. If my clients are more outgoing, I tend to be giggly, make more jokes and be louder. When I have quiet clients who are less assertive I am softer in my approach, so as not to make them feel uncomfortable.


•Tips for a couple planning their wedding:

Do everything YOU want. Don't let someone else take the lead on planning your wedding. I speak from experience and it's a huge regret of mine. Whatever you envision for your wedding, make that happen. Don't let someone else tell you that what you want is impossible or unrealistic. Sit down together and really think about what you want. Think about the things that are most important to you, write a list and then go down that list and specify how you want each detail - venue style, flower type, style of photography, etc. Put as much YOU into your wedding as possible!


Learn more about Suzanne Marie Photography by clicking here.




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