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Looking to have that beautiful Colorado wedding? Pineview Custom Engraving, LLC products are hand-made giving your wedding that personal one-of-a-kind touch.

Want to get to know Pineview Custom Engraving? Read on…

• Tell us a little about your business:

We can laser engrave on wood, glass, acrylic, natural stone, and some metals. All we would need is your logo, photo, image, and information. We are professional and take pride in the quality of our work.  

If you do not have a design or need some inspiration feel free to let us help you. We have many designs available or we can create a new one. 

We have expanded our business to include sawmilling, and custom wood products.

We are giving a new purpose to those trees that were lost during the Black Forest, Waldo Canyon Fires in Colorado. We are taking the burnt trees and sawmilling them into usable items, furniture, gifts, & décor. We see it as giving new life to something that was so tragic. 

• What inspired you to start Pineview Custom Engraving?

We enjoy working with our hands and enjoy taking an idea and turning it into a useable product.

• How did you learn your craft?

My father was a wood carver. I became a high school teacher, teaching aerospace engineering when I decided to invest in my laser engraver so my students could design their projects. They would send me their files and I would cut them out at home for them to assemble into drones, and airplanes. I then became interested in engraving on glass, acrylic, wood, marble, black granite, aluminum, and leather. Next thing before I noticed it I purchased a CNC machine to get a deeper depth of engraving going into the carving world making furniture. 

• What’s your favorite part of the job?

Being Creative, helping others achieve their dreams. Seeing that big smile from my clients when they receive their product.

• How would you describe your style?

Down to earth – lol

• How would you describe your personality?

Easy going, “Don’t let the big things bother you, it will work out.”

• What type of client is best suited for you?

I like all. I enjoy meeting people and hearing their ideas. It is educational for me and I can only grow from them.

• What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?

Horses, dogs, gardening and working outside.

• Have you ever worked with a celebrity?

I have met some extraordinary people, from Astronauts, Generals, Equine Specialist, Sports and TV personalities.

For more information on Pineview Custom Engraving, visit them here.

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