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Let’s get to know Tamera from Acscents Floral

• Tell us a little about your business:  Acscents Floral is a private studio in the Denver Metro area that specializes in wedding and event floral design and decor.  We provide design services to the foothills, east mountain region and the Front Range.  Every event is unique and your floral decor should reflect that.  We work one-on-one with you to create the custom floral design of your dreams resulting in the perfect floral "acscent" for your special event. 

• What inspired you to want to be a florist: My love for design and flowers started in college when I had the opportunity to work with one of the most talented floral designers I have ever met. I started by doing deliveries progressing to wedding & reception set-ups. After getting my Bachelors in Marketing, a few years later our paths crossed again when she was my instructor at the New Mexico School of Floral Design.  It sparked a life-long love and passion for all forms of design, especially flowers. 

• How long have you been in business?  I started Acscents officially in 2010, however, I have been doing floral design part-time since 1996. Flowers give me the opportunity to combine accents for a wedding or event with the amazing scents flowers provide. Thus "Acscents" was born.

• What’s your favorite part of the job?  The opportunity to do what I love every day is an incredible gift.  I get to meet and work one-on-one with amazing couples and bring out their personalities through flowers for one of the most important days of their life. You get to see how what you do bring smiles to people’s faces, it makes it all worth it. 

• How would you describe your style?  My personal style is modern/contemporary; I love the clean, architectural lines. I also love the industrial look, which is a combination of modern & rustic, a very unique look.

• How would you describe your personality?  I am without a doubt a people person, very expressive, a definite perfectionist, dedicated, honest, organized, artistic, I love to laugh and make people laugh, a strong sense of faith and passionate about what I do.

• What are your hobbies or non-work-related activities?  I also do home staging & interior re-design and graphic design.  I enjoy off-roading, traveling, camping, road trips, museums, computer games (a great de-stressor), spending time with my hubby, dog, friends and family and going to the mountains as much as possible to enjoy all the beauty that God has given us.

• Have you ever worked with a celebrity?  Not yet

Trends I LOVE:  I love the variety of today’s weddings, they are so much more personalized, and you really get to see who the couple is through their wedding decor. 

I love that cascades are back, they are my favorite bridal bouquet.  These bouquets don’t hide the wedding dress, elongate the bride and are visually stunning.  

I also love that weddings today have really broken down the barriers, pretty much anything goes which allows for so much creativity to achieve the perfect event that reflects who the couple is.

Trends I would like to see left behind:  Oversized bridal bouquets, which probably sounds odd coming from a floral designer.  These hide your dress and YOU, this is your day, and people should see you and that amazing dress that you fell in love with.  Choose a bouquet that fits your frame, reflects your theme, and enhances you and your dress, you are the star. 

All-white bride bouquets, these get lost in photos and blend in with your dress. If you want something very subtle, go with pastel flowers or add a little bit of color to the all-white bouquet, it will add just enough to stand out from your dress in the photos. 

One more is “do-it-yourself-flowers” for weddings. Leave this to the professionals to do so you can enjoy the wedding planning process and your special day.  This is what we do and what we love, we will work with you to give you something that beautifully compliments your wedding.  If budget is the issue, we can work with all sizes of budgets to bring your floral vision to life.

• If you met with a bride and groom and literally had ONE minute to tell them why they should use your company, what would you say?  We specialize in wedding and event floral design and decor. Every wedding is unique and your floral decor should reflect that.  We love working one-on-one with you to get to know you… your personalities… your ideas….your budget….your dreams.  We will create a custom floral design that will result in the perfect floral "acscent" for your special day.

• Describe the most challenging event you’ve done?  It’s probably a tie between two events.  My first wedding that I did all the flowers for was my cousin/best friend’s…..oh, and did I mention I was also the maid-of-honor.  I did the bridal showers, bachelorette party, and all the flowers for the wedding and reception, a ton of work but wouldn’t change it for the world.  The other challenging event was coordinating and decorating a previous employer’s Open House.  I managed the whole event, all vendors, invitations to over 300 guests (some prominent political figures in Colorado), collateral design, giveaways, office coordination and floral décor. An immense amount of work, but it all came together and was very successful event.

• What sets you apart from other vendors in your category?  As a private studio floral designer, Acscents limits the number of weddings/events we do per weekend, so that we may devote our time and attention to each and every event. Because every wedding is unique and special, we work personally with each couple and their budget to create a personalized floral design for their wedding.

• How far in advance should couples contact you to start their planning with you?  The sooner the better.  Private studio designers tend to fill up sooner than retail florists because we limit the number of weddings per weekend. Meeting with your floral designer at least 4-6 months in advance is recommended.  If your wedding is going to be an elaborate event, take place during peak wedding season or fall on a holiday, we suggest starting 9-12 months ahead to ensure you get the perfect floral designer for your special day.

• What tips or advice can you give couples planning their big day?  Start early, this will help you get the vendors you want, make it less stressful and more fun. Follow your heart, listen to the experts we are here to help give you the wedding you have always dreamed of.  Most of all HAVE FUN, you are planning one of the most important days of your life, enjoy every minute and work with vendors that share that same desire.

• Any other info you’d like to share about your company?  At Acscents we have a strong passion for what we do.  Let's meet for coffee and talk about the details & ideas for your wedding/event.  Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

Visit Acscents Floral here.

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