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Let Calla Blue Florals bring your floral vision to life!

• Sarah, tell us a little about your business:  

Calla Blue Florals is located in Aurora and specialize in wedding and event design. Each design is treated as if it were my first so be assured that your floral vision is treated with the utmost detail and care.

• What inspired you want to be a florist?

I wanted to do something that brought a smile to people’s faces and you can’t help but smile when you’re surrounded by flowers! The design possibilities are endless and knowing that each event will be different has a draw on me and makes me excited – kind of like the feeling of waking up on Christmas morning.

• How did you learn your craft?

I started out by taking two four-week online courses in wedding and event design. After that, I was hooked. I wanted to get some hands-on experience so volunteered at a local flower shop. After that, I was really hooked. I then received the best piece of advice and that was to attend floral design school. It’s very important to me to be able to tell my clients that I am a professional and have received the proper training so that they know they aren’t just hiring someone off the street who claims they are a floral designer. I am incredibly blessed to have attended The School of Florals Arts under the amazing direction of Maggie Binet. The school is located in one of Denver’s wholesale warehouses, Denver Wholesale Florists - it was so beneficial to be able to walk into the cooler each morning and pick out the flowers we’d be working with that day.

• What’s your favorite part of the job?

I have so many! If I had to narrow it down, I’d say seeing the reaction of each client when they see their flowers for the first time. It gives me goosebumps every single time and confirms that I chose the perfect career path to walk along. I also love walking into a flower cooler – it’s like being a little kid in a candy store. Flowers just make me smile.

• If you met with a bride and groom and literally had ONE minute to tell them why they should use your company, what would you say?

Calla Blue Florals will bring your floral vision to life whether modest or extravagant. You can be assured that your flowers are in the hands of a professional with the background and schooling to support that. Your questions will be answered quickly and I am always here for you. I get just as excited designing your florals for your special event as you do upon seeing them for the first time.

• What would previous clients say was the main reason they chose your company?

I made their floral journey easy, stress free, and took care of all the details. I follow through, respond quickly, and am passionate about you and bringing your floral vision to life.

• How far in advance should couples contact you to start their planning with you?

Ideally, no less than three months before your event. This gives time to meet for a consultation, make sure specific flowers are available and leave wiggle room to find alternatives if need be. Wedding season fills in quickly so the sooner, the better!

• What tips or advice can you give couples planning their big day?

Weddings can be stressful. Surround yourself with those that will help take the stress off you and your family so that you can enjoy the day and all of those that came to celebrate with you. Often that means leaving it to the professionals. We are here for you – let us help you bring your vision to life! 

To learn more about Calla Blue Florals, visit them here.

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