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Lace Wedding Dress Trends

Lace Wedding Dress Trends

Lace brings weddings to mind. While we're told it is possible, and sometimes quite fetching, to do a wedding dress without lace, this staple of ceremonial joinings never goes far away. Lace and wedding dresses just go together. This year lace, whether it be Chantilly, Venise, Guipure or Schiffli finds itself in interesting applications, including at least one white lace jumpsuit for the fearless trendsetter.

Vintage Styles

This year more than a few designers of wedding dresses have borrowed style and fabric from the Roaring 20's bringing back lace in sleeves, bodices, backs, inlays and overlays of this feminine fabric. Longer sleeves, shorter lengths and asymmetric layers recall the early years of the last century. Shrugs and jackets of your favorite lace also make an appearance this year. Even accessories have a decidedly flapperish look. From headbands to feathered combs, you'll find vintage extras to complete your lacy wedding dress look.

Magnificent Modesty

This year's infusion of lace brings back not just a nod of the head to ever-so-slight concealment of shoulders, arms, and d├ęcolletage; it also finds its way into glorious adaptations of less grandiose styles. Shorter lengths and more Victorian cuts bring to mind wedding dresses designed for milk maids and daughters of innkeepers as well as the more usual princesses and empresses.  Color is also being re-introduced to the wedding dress by way of lace. It's just a bit, but stunningly beautiful.

The Traditional Bride

You need not feel prodded to join the vintage wedding dress parade ala Gatsby, though.  If you have been planning since you were seven to appear in a strapless wedding dress worthy of Cinderella you'll find your dress among the others. The classic wedding dresses are waiting for you still; they are just embellished a bit more and looking all the better for it. Ball gowns get a lacy diaphanous overlay. Even simple sheaths come with similar treatments and, perhaps, with an added cap sleeve in Chantilly.

However you envision your wedding dress, lace is almost certainly involved. Fortunately, lace comes in so many different varieties that your choices are nearly endless. Whether you want a simple something with satin bows and a little lace shrug, or something that will make negotiating doorways a serious challenge, you will find just the lacy trend to fit your own special image of yourself on your big day.

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