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Is your dancing Beastly? 5 tips to learn how to dance.

Feeling beastly when you dance is no fun. I felt that way when I was young. I tripped on my feet and felt clumsy. I wanted to feel like beauty when I danced, not like a beast.

With much training, I discovered some easy ways to overcome my awkwardness dancing. Couple this with 30 years of dance instruction experience, and I can now share with you my tips to how to learn to dance.

5 tips to learn how to dance:

  1. Narrow your focus:
    Determine where you want to go dancing. Beauty and the beast had an intimate dance at home. Think about where you are going to dance. Are you leaning to dance for a wedding (first dance), a business party or benefit (ballroom dance), tropical vacation (Latin dance), or to hang with friends at clubs (club dances)?
  2. Pick your style of music:
    Baroque music was the popular music for the period Beauty and the Beast danced. Picking the music you love is can inspire you to try new moves. What is your favorite style of music? Is it Big Band (Ballroom & Swing Dance), Classic Rock (Hustle & Night Club 2 step) Country Western (Country 2 step and Cowboy Cha-cha) ?
  3. Pick the dance that fits you:
    Belle and Beast dance a Viennese Waltz (popular a century after their story is set). Get with a Ballroom coach and try out the basic patterns for dances that fit the type of music you like, or the music that will be played where you are going. For instance, if you went to a theme party like the 1940’s USO Ball, then you would need to know SwingLindy Hop, and Foxtrot. If you wanted to go to a county dancing like at the Grizzly Rose, then you might want to learn Cowboy Cha-cha or two step. A good ballroom dance instructor can help you find the dance you feel the most comfortable with.
  4. Plan for your moves:
    Focus on one dance at a time for greatest success. Find the moves you like. If you are a gentleman leader you can put them in a sequence so you can remember. This will give you the greatest success in the shortest amount of time. From there you can improvise with what you have.
  5. Create a new habit:
    Belle’s father Maurice did not become a master inventor overnight. He practiced his trade over 10,000 hours. With practice, you can master your new moves as well, and look like the stars on dancing with the stars. Do you know how many hours each star works on their dancing for the show? They spend 40 hours a week, or 244 hours by the end of the show. You can get great results with practice as well. Consistency is the key. I recommend practicing 5 min every day to see results. This way you can create a habit of dance that will last you a lifetime.

Blog (see original here) by Holly Collins at Adventures in Dance

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