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COVID-19 has changed the world we know very suddenly. Our hearts break for our Colorado couples with upcoming nuptials and for our treasured local venues and vendors who always work tirelessly to create perfect weddings for our community. The reality we face at the moment is that there is no certainty, and for those of you who have spent the last months or years meticulously planning your wedding, our current situation is likely not one that ever occurred to you. But we are here to tell you, do NOT panic, do NOT be afraid, you WILL have your dream day marrying your best friend, and though there may need to be adjustments to your plan, it is not as devastating as you think when you follow the steps we're about to show you. Our friend, wedding planner extraordinaire Carissa Kruse of Your Wedding Roadmap, has outlined a step-by-step process to create your new wedding plan, and we think it will help you make decisions, answer a lot of your questions and calm a LOT of your fears.


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Your Wedding Roadmap by Carissa Kruse is an online wedding planner, tracker and course personally customized for any couple and includes all of your planning needs in one place with a Personalized Online Planning Tracker for EVERY step of your planning, an online bride community, money saving deals, and much more. Get more information here.

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