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Important Ideas to Share with your Bridal Gown Consultant

Important Ideas to Share with your Bridal Gown Consultant

Buying a wedding gown is, we hope, something you will do only once in your life. For this reason every bride-to-be must prepare herself for the task in a number of ways. First, of course, you want to look in bridal magazines to find wedding dresses you simply adore. (You will bring pictures of these gowns to your first appointment with your consultant.) You will select a few bridal boutiques in which to shop, then you will make appointments to meet and discuss your wedding with your wedding dress consultant. When you do, there are a few facts you must have decided upon in advance.

The Budget

On average, the wedding dress works out to be approximately 12 to 15 percent of the wedding cost. Naturally, this is not written in stone. If you want to cut this cost or expand it for your storybook dream dress, you certainly may. The important thing is, before you arrive at the bridal boutique know how much you’re prepared to spend on the dress. Your consultant will need to know that right away so she can help you locate your perfect wedding dress.

Shape, Style and Schedule

Your wedding dress consultant will take a look at the pictures you found of irresistible gowns and she will ask questions about your wedding colors, theme, and wedding date. The wedding gown goes a long way in establishing the ambiance of the celebration. Your consultant is trained to sift through all this information to find the perfect gown for you and your vision of the wedding.

Devilish Details

There are a few important details you must share at the first appointment including whether or not you’ve had a recent weight loss or gain in order that the undergarments you select will be fitted properly. Understand, also that from the day of this first appointment until the day of the wedding, you are expected to maintain your weight right where it is. (Even if your mother doesn’t know you’re expecting a baby, do not keep this important detail from your wedding dress consultant.) The height of the heels you intend to wear should be agreed upon at this first meeting as well as the way you plan to wear your hair. (Heels will impact upon the alterations and the hair style is important to the fit of the veil.)

Your wedding dress consultant needs lots of information to help you find the perfect gown for your big day. Your willingness to share details with her is the key to making the most of your wedding.

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