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Ideas to Consider for Fall & Winter Weddings

By Crystaline Photography and Multimedia, LLC.

1. Purchase Wedding Insurance – you’ve most likely seen this recommended before, but it’s always worth mentioning again. It’s great for peace of mind, especially for weddings being held in the colder months in Colorado. What if a blizzard hit our state and no one could get to your venue? Or the airport was closed and flights canceled? You’d probably want to be able to reschedule your event and having good event insurance would help you do that. Do your research and make sure to go through all the terms and conditions. Be clear what your insurance will cover in all scenarios and know the cancellation policy of each of your vendors.

2. Tis the Season - offer something unique for your guests that goes along with the season such as hay or sleigh rides to dinner.  Set some of your seating with hay bales. Transport guests to the ceremony site by Snowcat. Provide information for them to make it a ski weekend. Including memorable activities for a wedding that guests will really enjoy sets your day apart from the rest!

3. Prepare for the Weather – When planning to have an outdoor ceremony in fall or winter, be sure to help your guests be comfortable if weather starts to move in. Provide blankets for guests to cozy up in, shawls for ladies to wrap around them, or umbrellas in case of rain or snow.

4. Keep Warm from the Inside – In the summer it’s water and lemonade stations. For a cooler event, provide warm drink options such as cider or hot cocoa! A cup of hot chocolate welcoming guests as they come in from the cold is always a warm touch. Instead of a candy bar at your reception, do a hot chocolate bar with a variety of different toppings!

5. Decorate with the Season - Planning your event around the holiday season means playing off the seasonal décor! Ask your venue about their in-house decor and how they decorate for holiday parties. You may even be able to save a little on your budget by incorporating what your venue already puts up. Love red and green, blue and silver, or would love a Christmas tree as part of your décor? You could be in luck!

6. The Season for Giving – Continue the theme with holiday inspired guest favors such as an ornament with your names and wedding date on it or personalized snow globes. Remember the hot cocoa bar? Monogrammed coffee mugs as favors would be the perfect touch!

7. Travel Safely - Provide transportation to and from hotels where you have rooms blocked for your guests. While it’s always nice to provide this service to keep guests from driving after a long party, it’s an added bonus to not have to worry about driving on questionable winter roads if you don’t have to!

8. Have a Plan B - Make sure your photographer is able to scout out indoor back-up spots for photographs in case it’s just too cold outside to get all your photos done. A nice fireplace makes for a great backdrop, a cozy lounge area, or other architectural features will be just as beautiful in photos. Take advantage of those hanging holiday lights for some creative night shots!

9. Dress Your Party - Cold weather items may come in handy when planning wedding party gifts. Matching scarves, gloves, muffs, and shawls work as thoughtful presents and will look great in your wedding photos.

10. Be Brave - Don’t be afraid of the snow! There are some hidden advantages to having an off-season wedding. Some vendors might offer discounts for booking outside of the busy summer months – just ask! Snow is a pretty cool (pun intended) feature in photographs and offers so much dimension. Your guys will be warm in their suits and your girls adorable in wraps - and you can always take off someplace warm on a beach for your honeymoon!

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