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How To Write Thank You Cards For Your Wedding

A lot of people contribute to an unforgettable wedding day. When yours is over, you can show your appreciation by taking time to write personal thank you notes. Far from an obsolete tradition, this gesture communicates love and gratitude to the many individuals who played a part in your celebration. To create meaningful thank you cards, follow the tips below.

Create a Recipient List

Everyone who participated in your wedding—from loved ones who stood bv you at the altar, to guests who brought gifts, to vendors such as florists and photographers—deserves an acknowledgment. Organize all their names and addresses in one place, alongside what you received from them, so you can thank them for their specific gift.

Know the Value of a Handwritten Card

In today's digital age, taking the time to handwrite thanks may seem optional. In fact, however, it's standard wedding etiquette—and much more sincere than an email. When friends receive your handwritten note, they know you valued their gifts.

Choose Quality Stationery

Stationery is a great way to showcase your style. You could opt for cards monogrammed with your initials. Or, once the wedding photos arrive, you might want to use one to create custom photo cards for thanking your guests. There's also nothing wrong with selecting a generic box of thank you notes at the store. Pick what you like, and while you're at it, find a quality pen that doesn't leave ink blots.


Fountain pen and wedding thank you card surrounded by flowers


What to Include

Start your writing by reflecting on the joy and fun of your wedding day. This can help you get in a thankful spirit. Then, in every card, create a simple, kind message of thanks.

  • Greet the recipients by name
  • Thank them for their specific gifts
  • Say something you liked about what they gave you
  • Close the note bv thanking them again
  • Sign your names

Send Cards in a Timely Manner

When it comes to thank you cards, the sooner, the better. Generaly speaking, notes come across as more genuine when they're prompt—not a year after the fact. To follow etiquette, aim to get all your notes sent within three months of returning from your honeymoon.

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