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How to find the BEST transportation for your wedding - by Two Step Total Transportation

The ring is on the finger, the wedding dress is being altered, your flowers are ordered, the food and cake have been tasted and chosen. Guess what you forgot about… the transportation for your special day! 

It’s important to ensure that the transportation plan is fine-tuned and can accomplish the task at hand. Nothing would be worse than a no show, being late, wrong vehicle type, mechanical issues, inappropriate chauffeur attire or behavior. 

So, now you want to know, “How should I shop for a qualified transportation service?” Here are a few suggestions to assist you. 

  1. Ask your venue for their preferred transportation company. The hotel where you have rooms blocked can often refer someone as well. 

  2. Look for suggestions for friends or relatives. 

  3. Searching the web is good, but can be risky. Remember people can be anything they want to be. Can their reputation stand up to the job at hand? Google the company name and read the reviews. (A hand full of complaints usually signals that they have issues.)

Two Step Transportation Colorado shuttle buses

Receiving a quote for several companies does not necessarily help you compare apples to oranges. Calling is the best to ensure that you have a comfort level for the company. Were they responsive to your call? Were they interested in assisting you in the planning for your transportation expectations? Did they give you the appropriate amount of time and attention when discussing your transportation option? Remember, you’re planning a party of a lifetime and you want them to be 100% committed to serving you, the customer! 

Before you start contacting companies, be prepared with the following information:

  1. Date and times for the wedding and the reception
  2. Venue addresses for the ceremony and the reception 

  3. What type of transportation are you looking for and for how many? Bridal Party, Parents and Grandparents, Guests to Name a few. 

  4. Guest count estimate (until you get your RSVPs) 

  5. Where your hotel blocks are  

  6. Where do you plan to do pictures? Is there an additional location?

  7. End of the evening departure service. 

Two Step Transportation Colorado bus interior

What your expectations should be: 

  1. On time 

  2. The correct vehicle(s) that was contracted 

  3. Driver’s knowledge of the schedule and the venues 

  4. CLEAN – inside and out (unless inclement weather) 

  5. Professionally Attired Chauffeur 

  6. Proper license and insurance 

How do I check up on my Transportation Company? 

  1. State Authority Colorado Public Utilities. Do a search by Name. 

  2. Federal Authority

Two Step Transportation Colorado cars

A little about Two Step Limousine, Inc / Two Step Total Transportation

Two Step has been in business since 1995. It was founded on the premise that service is not that hard. We are always honored in being asked to be a part of the memories that are created and last for a lifetime. This is achieved easily when you run very new equipment, hire the best chauffeurs in the industry and have the support of the community. We have only CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) Chauffeurs that are 25 years or older, randomly drug tested (zero marijuana use), background checked, full health physical from a DOT approved physician (Department of Transportation), professionally attired and pass strict MVR scrutiny on an ongoing basis. 

Please visit to view the history of our company and the vehicles in our fleet. We stand behind our promise of You CALL, You BOOK, and you’ll love the RIDE!

Please feel free to call, we love to chat. 

Barbara Curtis or Walter Curtis 303-781-5555

Many thanks to Two Step Total Transportation Worldwide for this blog. For more information, please visit them here.

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