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How to Brand Your Wedding

You may have heard about “branding” your wedding to make it uniquely you, but what exactly does that entail? Do you have to stamp your new last name on every piece of paper at your wedding? Not necessarily. Branding your wedding is just making it your wedding, and not a straight-from-Pinterest celebration (as gorgeous as those are!) It’s adding a personal touch to your design choices that your guests will remember long after the exit sparklers fizzle out and the hangover is gone.

How do you do it? 

You first need to focus on planning and designing with a purpose, and follow a theme or motif throughout the process that represents you and your fiance.

One simple way to begin is to create a monogram or symbol with your initials that guests will see from save the dates (or invites) to wedding day. Guests are able to recognize the symbol and connect it to the invitation they got in the mail. Consider getting the emblem printed on a return address stamp to have it long after wedding day--it is a representation of you two coming together and becoming a family. Think of it as your new family crest.

devil's thumb ranch wedding
devil's thumb ranch wedding
devil's thumb ranch wedding

Another important way to brand your wedding is to incorporate your love story and share it with guests.

Take this couple: They got engaged on a trip to Paris, under the Eiffel Tower. France is their favorite spot to travel, and they wanted to bring that fact it into their big day.

Their invitations showcase the Eiffel Tower with their wedding colors, reminding guests of their story and previewing the design guests can expect to see once at the wedding--in this case, a lot of blush and gold elements.


When guests entered their home, where the couple held their wedding, they were greeted by an Eiffel Tower statue gifted by their children that was marked with the date of their engagement. The also had a monogram created that was printed on their aisle runner, as well as their cake and favors. None of their details were without purpose, and guests left feeling that they were a part of the couple’s story.


Sarah and Nick also had guests saying, “This wedding was so you,” which in our opinion is the greatest compliment a bride can receive about her wedding.

They met in college on the Auraria campus. Nick proposed years after graduation after a trip to their old college stomping grounds, and getting married on campus was a no-brainer for them. 

In lieu of engagement photos, they had a friend draw a picture of them that matched their vintage theme. The same friend also drew a map of the campus for the invitation suites marking all the important moments of their relationship--first sight, first date, first kiss, proposal, ceremony, and reception.


Once again, guests got a glimpse of what they were to expect design-wise at the wedding, and they also got to feel that they were part of Nick and Sarah’s journey. They also had custom cocktail napkins with facts about them that were utilized for cocktail hour so guests could learn things about them that they may not have already known.


By using the same designer for their invitations and signage, their vintage theme could be seen in other paper items on display that matched their invitations. The look was also incorporated onto their desserts.

tivoli wedding
tivoli wedding
tivoli wedding

So how can you brand your wedding?  How do you make it you? 

You don’t need to go overboard. Start by thinking about what you and your fiance like to do together, what are the big moments of your relationship? Do you like to travel? Do you have pets? Do you love trying new restaurants together? Hiking? Bachelor Mondays? How can you showcase these hobbies or moments at your wedding? 

Maybe you got engaged in a lavender field in Maui like Jamie and Joey, who placed a sprig of lavender at every place setting.


Maybe you travel together a lot and name your tables after your favorite vacation spots using the same design as your invitations and menus.

brown palace wedding
brown palace wedding

Maybe you love Disney movies, and walk down the aisle to your favorite Beauty and the Beast song and gift guests Disney themed poker chips to play with at your casino reception.


Your guests already know and love you two, and the more you can share with them, and get them excited about what they’re going to see on wedding day, the better. This is ultimately the importance of branding.

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