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How to Ask Your Bridesmaids

Will you be my bridesmaid?

Your fiancé popped the question in the cutest way possible - now it’s your turn. Wondering how to ask your nearest and dearest friends to stand next to you at your wedding? Oh, and how to ask them to help you plan the wedding of your dreams? After all, it would be near impossible to plan a wedding without your trusted tribe of besties by your side the whole way. We have put together some of our favorite ways for you to pop the question that we are sure your girls will say “yes” to.

Spa Day

Photo Credit: Design Love Fest

If you live close enough to all the girls in your bridal party, plan a day at your favorite spa. If you don’t live close enough, you can send them a beautiful spa robe and a gift certificate to a spa near them. They will love being pampered, and if you plan on going together, it will be a great way for you to start planning all of the wedding details.


Photo Credit: Mike Krautter Photography

Get all your girls in one place and pop the question. When you ask all of your girls in one place, it gets everyone the chance to get to know one another. For example, you may have a best friend from high school and a best friend from college that have not met one another. This way, they can all team up and help plan events like your bridal shower and bachelorette party together. 

Custom Flutes

Photo Credit: Fox Blossom

If you do decide to get together for a brunch, order each one of your girls a personalized flute, and pop the question with a toast.

Custom Nail Polish

Photo Credit: Pretty Please Nail Polish

If you already have your wedding colors picked out, this is a perfect time to use them. A company called Pretty Please Nail Polish will create a personalized nail polish just for you! You can have them create a unique bottle for all your girls in your wedding color that say, “Will you be my bridesmaid?” How could they possibly say no?

Matching Bracelets

Photo Credit: Fox Blossom

Get a set of matching bracelets for your bridesmaids. We love this simple 14K Gold bracelet. They will love to be able to have a gift that they can wear on the day of your wedding and throughout the year.

Custom Robes

Photo Credit: Ali & Garrett Photography

Custom Robes are great gifts because they can be used at many events during your wedding. For example, the girls can wear them during your bachelorette wedding when you are lounging around a hotel room and while you are getting ready on the day of your wedding. Make sure to purchase a matching robe for yourself. These robes will look great in all of your pictures while you are getting ready. Another plus is that you will be able to wear them long after your wedding and remember all of the special times you shared with your bridesmaids.


Photo Credit: Elevate Photography & Twigs & Posies 

There’s nothing better than receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Your bridesmaids will love getting a beautiful arrangement delivered right to their door.

Custom Puzzle

Photo Credit: AniArts

When searching for a way to buy personalized gifts to help you ask your bridesmaids, Etsy will be your greatest resource. We love this personalized puzzle. Your friends will have to work to decode your message, but once they are able to, they will be sure to say “yes.”

Tool Kit

Photo Credit: BHLDN

Find a cute makeup size bag that says “Bridesmaid” on it. You can purchase them at stores like Paper Source, or you can even find a personalized one on Etsy. Then, pack it full of all of the essentials they will need for your bachelorette party or your wedding day.


Photo Credit: Delicate Estates

This is great for your girl who loves a glass of wine. You can create a custom bottle label at Delicate Estates. Then, all you need to do is grab a bottle of their favorite wine and deliver it to them. If you decide to hand deliver the bottle, they may even share it with you!

Custom Mug

Photo Credit: Mystic Custom Design Co.

This another great gift to search for on Etsy. We love this bridesmaid mug pictured above. Mugs are also a sweet way to remind each of your bridesmaids how much you value their friendship long after the wedding is over.

Proposal Cards

Photo Credit: Rifle Paper Co.

Even though some may say they’re outdated, a handwritten card is a terrific way to express personal appreciation for each of your bridesmaids. A card is a great way to tell your future bridesmaids how thankful you are for their friendship, and how much it would mean to have them stand by your side on your wedding day. We love these floral cards from Rifle Paper Co.

Cookie DO

Photo Credit: Cookie Do

Edible cookie dough can be quite addictive. Cookie DO has a special lid just for bridesmaid proposals. And we think it’s pretty punny. There’s 20 different flavors to choose from, which include gluten free and vegan options. We are pretty sure your bridesmaids will be ecstatic to receive this gift.


Photo Credit: Sugarfina

If you or your girls haven’t had a box of Sugarfina, now is the time to get them hooked. Sugarfina makes a special set just for this occasion. Your girls will be sure to be sweet on this proposal.

Custom Candles

Photo Credit: Fox Blossom

We love these customized candles. Plus, once they finish burning the candle, they can keep the tin to store their jewelry or other keepsakes.

Create Your Own Box

Photo Credit: Taelor Burhoe

We love the idea of selecting a special and unique gift for every girl that will be in your bridal party. One great idea is to find great books that you know your girls would love. For the food lover, we suggest Eat Beautiful. For the girls who love bloggers, we suggest Cupcakes and Cashmere at Home. Amazon is a great place to find books for whatever your friends’ interests may be.

Custom Macaroons

Photo Credit: Dana’s Bakery

We love the idea of sending your future bridesmaids food. These macaroons can be personalized for your bridesmaid proposal.

Bride Tribe Tattoos

Photo Credit: The Hen Planner

Temporary tattoos would be great to include inside of a card or gift box. If you plan on going to a tropical location for your bachelorette party, these temporary tattoos will be perfect for your tribe to show off at the beach.

Literally Pop The Question

Photo Credit: Meredith Jenk

This gift is great if you are looking to DIY. All you will need is a balloon, a piece of paper to write your question on, confetti, and a box with a lid. Simply write your note asking your friend to be your bridesmaid, put it inside the balloon with the confetti, blow it up, and put it in the box. Then, you can hand deliver it and ask your friend to pop the balloon. They will be so surprised to see your question when it comes out of the balloon.

When choosing a way to ask your bridesmaid to be in your wedding, it is key to keep each of your friend’s style, interest, and taste in mind. Overall, once you find a gift that is special to each bridesmaid, we always suggest sending a handwritten note to tell each of your bridesmaids how much they mean to you and why you chose them to be by your side. Be sure to let them know how special it is that they are celebrating this monumental life moment with you.

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