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How a Wedding Planner Would Have Saved These TV Weddings – by A Touch of Bliss

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Working with a wedding planner can — now more than ever — make all the difference between having the event of your dreams and, well... not. The wedding planning team at A Touch of Bliss have put together the most fun blog EVER to show us how they could have made a few weddings you may be familiar with go a LOT more smoothly! Read on!


We’ve seen it so many times in TV shows; our favorite — or sometimes least favorite (looking at you, Ross and Emily) — couples finally tie the knot. One thing that they all have in common? Something inevitably goes wrong. The cake is dropped, family members are missing, and total chaos ensues. Could these mistakes have been avoided by using a wedding planner? We’re here to tell you how A Touch of Bliss would prevent these TV wedding mishaps.


How I met your mother wedding


Managing the Mayhem

Marshall and Lily, How I Met Your Mother

Between badly-executed haircuts, a destroyed veil, a pregnant harp player, a mishandled flower delivery, an unexpected high school ex-boyfriend, and no time to eat, Marshall and Lily almost had their entire wedding with nothing they wanted. Luckily, with help from the gang, they tied the knot in a small ceremony that focused on their love.

As cute their marriage was, they could have had the ceremony of their dreams right out of the gate! Wedding planners quell the chaos by managing guest lists, vendors, accessories, and decor.

A Touch of Bliss planners have extensive experience with industry professionals and help couples hire reputable vendors (significantly less likely to produce an inverted mohawk). We are here to make sure the couple enjoys their celebration, including the chance to eat and breathe away from everyone. Let us help turn your wedding into your dream!


Friends wedding

The One with the Blizzard

Phoebe & Mike, Friends

Inclement weather interrupting a wedding is nothing new, but it can still throw a wrench into ceremony or reception plans. Mike and Phoebe’s wedding almost didn’t happen due to blizzard, a crazed best-friend-turned-wedding-planner, and an overstretched schedule, Luckily, Monica saved the day and redeemed herself by creating a winter wonderland for the adorable pair.

At A Touch of Bliss, we know the importance of looking ahead to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. By hiring a wedding planner, you also let your bridesmaids — especially your maid of honor — focus on you and having fun. Let us take care of the logistics and details so you can relax. We are here to make sure that you and your fiance enjoy each other’s company as much as the celebration and — of course — make sure you both have time to go to the bathroom!


Modern Family wedding


Wildfires and Tuxedos and Venues, Oh My!

Cam & Mitch, Modern Family

Cam and Mitch are two of the most beloved TV dads ever, and their wedding was just as sweet. Despite many bumps in the road, the two tied the knot at Jay’s country club. They managed to recover from wildfires, a missing tux, and fighting parents and make it official in a lovely sunset ceremony.

While wedding planners are often hailed as miracle workers, some things — such as wildfires — can’t be avoided. We can, however, help make sure that all the little things go smoothly! By checking the tux before we leave the cleaners and keeping an eye on the weather, we can help lessen the stress day-of. No matter what part of your life you’re in, we can help make your wedding the best it can be.


New Girl wedding


The Second Act

Cece & Schmidt, New Girl

Cece and Schmidt had a long, adorable road to getting married, with lots of bumps along the way. The combination of a disapproving mother, a poorly chosen dress, and a missing groom meant that their actual wedding was a bit of a disaster. Luckily, with the help of friends, Schmidt and Cece tied the knot in an adorable, small ceremony.

Planning a wedding can be stressful. Sometimes it’s hard to balance work and social life with cake testing or vendor shopping. We’re here to make sure that you can plan your wedding without putting your life on hold. We can help you find the dress of your dreams, and make sure you understand all the little details before diving in!


Friends wedding Ross and Emily


The One with the Wrong Name

Ross & Emily, Friends

There is certainly no love lost for Emily among “Friends” fans. Yet, her unfortunate nuptials with Ross could have gone much more smoothly, whether or not Ross managed to say the right name. Their venue was destroyed, the couple argued, and Ross haggled with his new in-laws over the price of the ceremony. Yikes!

There are so many ways to curb these issues ahead of time! Our wedding planners maintain constant communication with vendors and venues to make sure they are ready for the big day. Communication is especially important for destination weddings and maintaining a budget! With our help, Ross and Emily could have managed expenses and kept Ross from bargaining with his new in-laws.


Will and Grace wedding


Jack’s Big Gay Wedding (Sort of…)

Jack & Estefan, Will and Grace

While Jack and Estefan had big ideas for their Spanish destination wedding, a few bumps in the road forced them to rethink their plans. Due to a canceled flight, a possible breakup, and lost coins, it appeared for a moment that there would be no wedding, Luckily, Jack and Estefan managed to say “I do” in front of an airport podium, with Jack admitting that the perfect wedding was right there with the man he loved.

As darling as their airport wedding was, it wasn’t the wedding they planned--but with our help, it could have been! One of the best things about a wedding planner is our ability to plan ahead. The details are the most important — especially for destination weddings. We love assisting with the travel planning process by making sure to have a backup plan, and even helping reschedule and find new flights at the last minute. We are here to make your destination dreams happen!


Brooklyn 99 wedding


Toit Nups

Jake & Amy, Brooklyn 99

The wedding of the New York 99th Precinct’s cutest couple may not have turned out the way Jake and Amy planned, but with some impromptu help from their co-workers, it was the toit nups they deserved. After surviving a bomb threat, a jealous ex, a melting cake, and lost rings, the pair wed outside the place that started it all: the 99th precinct.

Wedding planning is stressful, but planners can lift some major burdens! From helping you book your dream venue to finding wedding day storage for your cake, we are here to help your day go right.


Many thanks to our friends at A Touch of Bliss for this blog. For more information, please visit them here.

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