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Hotels as Venues: Facts vs. Fiction

With the introduction of art galleries, barns, and other less-conventional locales into the wedding market, hotel venues seem to have become a bit passé. The countless options available to today’s couples do not seem to be the sole reason for this downward spiral however. Instead, some common misconceptions about all hotel weddings being “bland”, “budget-busting” or strictly stuck indoors appears to have contributed to the decline. So what is fact and what is fiction when it comes to holding a wedding at a hotel? Read on to reveal the truth about these hotel marriage myths.

All Ballrooms are Boring

For many years now, the idea that every hotel’s banquet space is a dull mix of beige walls and patterned carpet has prevailed. While these “neutral backdrop” notions are not universally untrue, with the rise of boutique hotels and the re-branding of many national chains, most hotels and their event spaces have evolved! Rustic beams, exposed brick, floor-to-ceiling windows, and even magnificent murals can be found in hotels across the Denver area, giving Colorado brides and grooms an array of cool and unexpected options. From eclectic and modern to elegant and old-world, the fact is that hotel ballrooms are not always boring, but instead, hidden gems of genuine high-style. 

All-Inclusive is Expensive

There is a long-standing perception that hotel weddings are pricey. For decades, scary hotel-centric phrases like “food and beverage minimum” and “service charge” have spurred impressions of inflated rates and steered budget-conscious couples repeatedly away. The truth is though, receptions held at hotels can often be less expensive than ones planned at independent venues. Separate rental costs and site fees for venues that do not offer food and beverage can easily be twice the price of providing an identical menu at a hotel, especially when most hotels waive the room rental charges with a food and beverage order. In addition, hotels do not charge separately for items like linens, glassware, and place settings that they have in-house. They may even offer complimentary options such as a champagne toast or a honeymoon suite for the newlyweds’ wedding night! Those little details can add up to lots of dollars, making the money spent on a hotel ballroom go much further than the old myth would have anyone believe.

Indoors is the Only Option

It should come as no surprise that the term “hotel” is synonymous with the word “inn.” By no means though should the phrase “hotel wedding” imply that the entire event will occur indoors. Depending on the space and style, many hotels offer outdoor options like adjacent gardens, parks, or golf courses perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Hotel rooftops, patios, and pool decks are also great for couples who want a soiree under the stars. The fact is, having a hotel wedding can truly be the best of both worlds: an outdoor event complete with an indoor back-up plan.

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