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Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips: Dipping Fountains – by Adventures in Dance

“Chocolate only comes in one flavor. DELICIOUS!” ― Anthony T. Hincks

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Chocolate fountains add the sensation of chocolate to any event. To learn more about chocolate and dipping fountains, I met with April Schaefers from A New Taste Sensation Chocolate Fountains.

How April Started 

For the past 15 years April has been a chocolate fountain aficionado. With a background in hotels, April was looking for a part time business that would allow her to stay home to raise her kids. She started out by helping with a friend’s chocolate fountain business. After a few years April bought the company and has run it successfully for the past 11 years.

Types of Dipping Fountains 

I asked April what kinds of fountains were available. For sweet fountains April has chocolate fountains, caramel fountains, maple syrup fountains, and Italian sipping chocolates. If you need something savory, she also has cheese fountains. There is a fountain for every taste sensation.

Dipping Fountain Trends

Trends change over time. And the trends with dipping fountains change as well. So, I asked April what is hot, and what is not. The hottest trend right now is dinner and dessert stations. Little buffet stations with different themes and delicacies to tempt every taste bud are hot.

Savory Supper Fountain Stations

For the savory supper you can plan a variety of stations. Stations can include themes like an Italian pasta station, a Fondue station, and a Mexican station. Add a little flair with a cheese fountain to build your own nachos, or mac and cheese.

3 Savory Supper Fountain Station Ideas:

  • Italian Pasta Station:
    Traditional noodles with different sauce options. Think red sauce, white sauce, and a cheese fountain option for mac and cheese!
  • Fondue Station:
    Cheese fountain with the option of cut breads and meats to dip in delicious cheese sauce.
  • Mexican Station:
    Build your own nachos with a delightful cheese fountain to keep the good times flowing

Cheese and Chocolate fountain

Dessert Stations

Dessert can be just as delicious with stations. Fall fountains of caramel with apples can tempt taste buds. A campfire smores station with Graham crackers, marshmallows and a chocolate fountain will take you back to childhood memories. Or breakfast after dark with a French toast and waffle sticks in a syrup fountain.

3 Delicious Dessert Station Ideas:

  • Caramel Fountain:
    Pair with apples or ice cream, for a delightful dessert station.
  • Chocolate Fountain:
    Fun with so much. Think about using strawberries, marshmallows, Graham crackers, cookies, or even pretzels.
  • Syrup Fountain:
    Add your favorite breakfast treat like French toast and waffle sticks. Or even a sweet candied bacon for dipping in a syrup station.

Medium Syrup foutain

Italian Sipping Chocolates

Do you like to drink your chocolate? How about Italian sipping chocolates! You can sip on this sweet sensation or mix with other drinks. Add these rich chocolates to your end of night coffee or mix with your favorite after dark liquor. The possibilities are endless.

3 Italian Sipping Chocolate Station Ideas:

  • Sip on its own as a dense hot chocolate.
  • Add to coffee as a sweet treat.
  • Mix with liquor for a fabulous after dinner drink.

Italian Sipping Chocolate

Dipping Fountain Contact information

When you contract a fountain from A New Taste Sensation, it comes worry free. April and her crew are committed to making your experience worry free. From set up, to teaching your guests the best way to dip, to clean up, she has you covered. Your guests can dip without concern about mess because our experience will help them to be able to have a positive fountain experience.

Contact April at A New Taste Sensation Chocolate Fountains.
720-205-0268 (Denver Metro)
719-388-8750 (Colorado Springs) 

Ahhh….the Sensation of chocolate!!! 
Now Serving Italian Sipping Chocolate!!

chocolate and caramel dipping fountain

Many thanks to Holly Collins from Adventures in Dance for this blog. For more information, please contact them here.

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