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Getting the Most from Your Wedding DJ

Getting the Most from Your Wedding DJ

As with all the other important facets of your wedding day, choosing wedding entertainment can seem like a daunting task. You will probably be amazed at the number of companies that provide entertainment services for weddings. Whether you choose a big company or a small one, the most important part of hiring a wedding DJ is knowing what you want and making sure you get it at an agreed upon price.

Do Your Homework

You may have attended enough weddings to already know the best DJ’s or master of ceremonies in your area. More likely, though, you must rely on the recommendations of friends and family. People you trust can be of great help in finding everything from flowers to bridal veils. Know exactly what you want before the interview. Not only must he or she be properly equipped to do precisely what you require, but he should also have a back up system on site to take care of any glitch which might develop.

Your Playlist

After you’ve chosen the music for your ceremony and your first dance as husband and wife, you’ll want to give some serious thought to what songs you DON’T want to hear. There are always songs with negative connotations, particularly if you have somebody on the guest list with whom anybody in the wedding party has a history. It’s best to avoid such musical faux pas if possible. If you’re serious about your playlist, make sure your DJ knows to have backup tracks of each and every song you want to hear and make that part of the contract. Remember, it’s your day. Do it your way.

The Contract

Just as with the caterer and the florist, the contract you sign for wedding entertainment must be tediously specific. On this day, you don’t want there to be wiggle room or ambivalence. Once you’ve signed, make sure whomever you’ve chosen to see to the details on the day of the ceremony has a copy of the contract in hand.
As a final aside, it is probably not a good idea to hire your Aunt Hilda’s husband’s nephew to handle the wedding music. Nor is it always a good idea to hire the biggest company you can find. Bigger operations may not be able to tell you who the DJ for your wedding will be as they handle many events on any given weekend. That kind of thing is a big unknown when you come down to the wedding wire.

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