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Four 2016 Wedding Trends you need to know

What is trending in 2016 for weddings…


Your wedding is coming up and you want to be in with the new, out with the old... well it turns out that both of those are in fashion. The good folks at Quebec Place at Fairmount in Denver, CO were there to help us.  Let's explore what's trending in 2016 and do it in terms of an age old adage.  

Something Old

Rustic Chic is super hot. It represents such a great new movement and is a blend of personalized handcrafted DIY pieces mixed with the organic, simple and even mismatched eclectic decor items. This natural is super popular in barns and woodsy and earthy outdoor space. The elements that are made are mixed with the professionally crafted ones. Fresh picked flowers replace manicured bouquets and centerpieces. In fact, flowers in general are being replaced by branches, spices, jars, wood, jewels and other rustic touches.


Something New

Metallics are hot this year! Copper, rose gold, and yellow gold are showing up in centerpieces and decor, as well as clothing and even food items. Consider how to use metal in the other trends as well, such as rustic copper cogs on the tables in a wedding at a train station. Or glittery gold accents on a handmade stationery invitation. Shiny table linens and edible glitter may become part of the ceremonies, and it is expected that colored golds may enter back into jewelry designs. Create a unique metallic monogram and use that throughout the entire wedding experience to use this trend and create a cohesive look.


Something Borrowed

Bridal parties are now borrowing things meaningful to them, such as family recipes to incorporate into the food being served, or souvenirs and themes from a place they traveled or met. Themes involving travel and even the couple’s alma mater are designed to celebrate the uniqueness of the couple’s union.


The individualization of the wedding ceremony has gone to an entirely new level where traditional ceases to exist. People are coming together again and instead of sitting apart banquet style, they are taking on the communal table style. The change in the way families look and interact is allowing roles to change regarding who is walking the Bride down the aisle, the Matron of Honor and the flower girl. These roles once put into a box with certain expectations are allowing a Man of Honor, a granny flower girl and more.


Something Blue

You've got us here, it isn't really going to work with the old adage, so let's make it something cool, as in foodie details, amazing photos and unique personalization. Include edible flowers in your centerpieces and cocktails. Include spices in centerpieces and small plates, microbrews or other elements to bring in flavor.


Bridal parties may be bringing in heritage foods or meals that match their ethnic background or a place meaningful to the couple. This may create the theme that pairs food and beverages like small plates rather than elaborate meals or food stations. And who says a wedding cake needs to be vanilla? The cake is more untraditional as ever, whether in flavor, frosting colors and styles or even shapes.



Blog provided by the Quebec Place at Fairmont, Denver, Colorado.

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