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Flowers 101 with Wild Blossoms Floral Design Studio

Choosing the perfect flowers to compliment your wedding palette can easily become a daunting task. With so many questions to ask – “What will be in season? What will last all night? What colors are available?” – and so many more, it’s easy to get overwhelmed! Luckily, our friends over at Wild Blossoms Floral Design Studio in Northern Colorado gave us a break down of some of their favorites and how you can use them for your wedding all year round.

The Dahlia

Season: Available year-round with ample blooms in late summer to fall.

Colors: Shades of white, pink, red, purple, orange, and yellow.

Good to Know: Blooms range in size and form with single petal to multi petal. Different shapes include- ball, decorative, waterlily, dinner plate, and collarette.

Vase Life: about five days depending on environmental conditions.

Preservation: Delicate petals can be pressed.

Meaning: Everlasting commitment, celebration of love and marriage, elegance, and dignity


Season: Available year-round.

Color: Dark green

Good to Know: This culinary herb adds a wonderfully savory smell that mixes well with many warm colored flowers. Useful for adding texture and line to bouquets, garlands, centerpieces, or dressing up napkins. 

Vase Life: 10+ days depending on environmental conditions.

Preservation: Air dry 

Meaning: Remembrance

The Garden Rose

Season: Available year-round with breaks in supply.

Colors: Shades of white, pink, red, purple, orange, and yellow.

Good to Know: There are over 100 different species within this genus and 1,000 different cultivars. Cut flower variations include the Hybrid Tea Rose, Spray Rose, and Garden Rose. Garden varieties are fuller and look a lot like Peonies. They are also usually more fragrant than highbred roses. Garden Roses are a perfect choice for your luxury bouquet. Cultivars* can be pre-booked and reserved for your special day.

Vase Life: 3-7 days depending on cultivar, bud stage, and environmental conditions.

Preservation: Air dry and petals are great for pressing.

Meaning: Love, romance, beauty, passion, and courage

When you have questions about designing the perfect bouquet, your florist is always your go-to.  Bring them photos of styles, shapes, and hues you love but trust that if you can be open to interpretation of that beautiful Pinterest bouquet, they will design something that is in season, long-lasting, and in your budget. We love to see our couples be surprised by a floral design that went above and beyond their expectations because of the creative design from our local florists. Give them a trail of petals and they’ll give you something beautiful.

*We also learned a new word!
Cultivars: A race or variety of a plant that has been created or selected intentionally and maintained through cultivation. Think of it as taking the best of a breed and cultivating a super flower. It’s designer flowers, people!

Special thanks to Daryl Love Photography for capturing these pretty blooms and Wild Blossoms Floral Design Studio for the insight!

With Light and Love,
Aimee Palifroni
Owner, Prisma Events

Please visit Wild Blossoms Studio here, and Prisma Events here.

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