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Five Top Trending Wedding Accessories

Five Top Trending Wedding Accessories

Beyond the wedding dress there are the other details that serve to create an unforgettable bridal vision. These days the traditional veil is making way for other, more colorful and creative accessories including some of those that follow. Consider these.


Since Britain's Duchess of Cambridge burst upon the fashion scene, hats have made a comeback.  With the interest in hats comes an entire list of millinery rules. For example, etiquette requires that the hat for the mother of the groom must be smaller than the hat worn by the mother of the bride. Who knew? The bride can wear whatever she likes.


If this list is beginning to have the feel of the roaring 20's, there's a reason. Fashion trends are cyclic by nature so, this year, get your Gatsby on. Feathers can be simple and elegant or breathtakingly, overtly scene stealing.  Your wedding dress consultant will have a multitude of possibilities to accessorize your gown with gorgeously feathered head pieces, belts, and brooches for you and your girls.

Other Headwear

Again ala Gatsby, beaded headbands and jewel encrusted combs are all the rage this year. Whether ornately worked in white or set with diamonds and amethysts, these astonishingly beautiful headpieces are sure to set an elegant tone. If a more diminutive look pleases you, pick bejeweled hairpins to secure your do. With or without feathers and jewels, you'll find fetching pieces guaranteed to please.


If you've chosen a wedding dress that's nipped-in at the waist, perhaps an ornate belt will serve to call attention to your well-contoured middle. If you're able to carry off a belted look, the possibilities in the way of to-die-for belts are practically endless. If, on the other hand, you're middle is not where you want the attention of others focused, opt for something that brings eyes to your own.


Traditional, subtle jewels are still popular. That said, big, bold, brash and sporting a vintage look, jewelry to accessorize this year's wedding dresses is anything but delicate and dainty.  Big brilliant earrings with necklaces to match are gorgeous and nearly as outspoken as today's bride.

Twenty-first century brides are not constricted by tradition nearly so much as those of earlier times. Like everything in this new century, the elastic nature of custom works in favor of those who would express themselves eloquently and not necessarily in conventional ways.

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