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Five Ideas for an Alcohol-free Bachelorette Party

Five Ideas for an Alcohol-free Bachelorette Party

Contrary to popular opinion, there is no rule that requires that alcohol be served at a bachelorette party. As a matter of fact, alcohol, as an ingredient is purely optional in most cases. Nevertheless, we offer here a list of very cool ideas for brides-to-be who want to celebrate sans liquor.

The Sleep-Over

Have the bachelorette party guests gather at the swankiest hotel in a hundred-mile radius and live it up.  Watch chick flicks all night. Paint each other's toenails. Order room service. Ordinary bachelorette party games are at home in this setting with or without alcohol and can be just as funny – and lots more memorable - if you're totally sober.

A Disney Weekend

You may be taller than you were when you last visited the Magic Kingdom, but now that you're grown, you and your ladies-in-waiting stand a much better chance of appreciating the magical nature of this place. Do all the attractions. Eat at one of the truly excellent restaurants in the park, and don't forget to stick around and stay up late for the fireworks.

Take in a Play

Even if you think you live in Hicksville, somewhere within a two-hour drive you're likely to find a dinner theatre venue or a real playhouse where you and your girls can pretend you're on Broadway. If dinner is not already part of the entertainment, find a truly astonishing place to dine and have everything you really want including one of each from the desert cart.

A Day at the Spa

This is a truly sense-ational way to celebrate with your closest friends. You can get high on aromatherapy, have your eyebrows expertly waxed or threaded, and don't forget the massage you've always wanted. A spa day bachelorette party can, if properly scheduled, take care of some of the bride's pre-nuptial jitters and get her spruced up for the big day.

Learn Something New and Unusual

From pole dancing to pottery painting, there are lessons available that will give you all something to take away from the bachelorette party. Schedule a cooking class with a local chef. Go skydiving.

With the money you save on libations can be used for upping the bachelorette party ante. You can use it to buy plane tickets for a trip to a ski resort or schedule a architectural tour of San Francisco. The sky really is the limit – it's getting high in a brand new way.

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