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Five Great Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen

Five Great Wedding Gifts for Groomsmen

It is customary to thank your buddies for participating in your wedding ceremony with a gift to commemorate the event. The trick is to find a gift that is both affordable and something your groomsmen will actually use. There are lots of options to choose from and since these are your best buds, you know what they like! These gifts can be personalized for each of your groomsmen or you can select a “one-size-fits-all” gift that works for all the groomsmen. You will want to do this wedding task early (you’ll be glad you did) so that you may check it off your list before crunch time comes. Here’s a list of suggestions to get you well on the way to choosing the perfect groomsmen gifts.

Titanium Money Clip

These lightweight money clips are not only practical but super stylish. Titanium is ideal due to its elastic, non-corrosive and non-magnetic qualities. They are virtually indestructible and can survive the washer, the dryer, and the occasional golf cart hit and run. Titanium money clips are ideal for personalizing with a monogram to make them truly one-of-a-kind gifts.

Bar Anything

The one thing you will find on every list of groomsmen gifts are beer glasses, beer mugs, liquor flasks, and highball glasses. This may or may not mean your best friends are a bunch of hooch hounds, but regardless these bar items make great gifts especially if you take the time to have them customized with your groomsmen’s initials.  If your groomsmen are a bit less refined they might enjoy the Scorzee Koozie instead. The Scorzee is a truly unique gift for your sports/alcohol aficionado. It’s a can cooler specially designed to allow you to keep score of your favorite game in progress.

Business Card Holder

A manly carrying case for his business cards is always a welcome gift. These come in a variety of themes from sports and recreation to simple and elegant. Business card holders also allow you the option of sticking closely to a budget should you need to – as they come in inexpensive materials lightweight materials like aluminum to the more expensive heavier stainless steel option that is practically indestructible.  Make these extra special by adding an engraved monogram to each one.

A Kinetic Device Charger

This is a bit of futuristic electronic wizardry sure to be appreciated by any groomsmen with a mobile phone or virtually any mobile device for that matter. The PEG, (Personal Energy Generator) uses your own body’s movement – that’s right walk, run, jump, or sway - to generate the power to re-kindle their devices.

Tool Bottle Openers

These manly cast-iron tools, from hammer to wrench, are each crafted to include a handy bottle opener for the groomsmen’s favorite beverage. These are also the least costly from the list of groomsmen gifts. What’s not to like?

These guys are your best friends and probably have been for a long time. You may decide to choose one of these options that work for all the groomsmen or make a distinctive selection for each one. Either way, the gift will say thanks in a unique way that only you can.


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