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Eight Reasons You Need Professional Entertainment

Why You Do Need a Professional DJ


It is quite unfortunate that wedding day entertainment is so often one of the last things booked and sometimes disregarded altogether. In a world full of Pinterest and wedding blogs, we have become a visual society that exists in still-life and forgets the realities of the day. A wedding truly is a feast for the senses and the sounds are a critical part of setting the mood and encouraging a lively celebration.  If you are on the fence about hiring a DJ or going it DIY, allow us to make a few points: (Most of these apply to bands as well if that’s your bag)

·       Keeping it Professional – The case for a DJ is the same as any other wedding vendor. A professional saves you the trouble of struggling with additional tasks on your wedding day. Hiring a professional can put your mind at ease and almost always ensures a higher quality of the end product. But there is another, oft-overlooked issue. If you sign a contract with a professional, you have recourse if the unthinkable happens. You cannot say that for a no-show friend from college with a sweet set of speakers and a fancy computer program.

·       Nobody’s Got Time for That – Asking a friend or family member who is a guest at your wedding to handle such an important task is robbing them of the chance to actually be a guest. Asking someone you know that didn’t quite make the guest list is rude and potentially risky.

·       Your Host for the Evening – Most vendors will either not be there or will exist on the sidelines while their work stands alone, but a DJ is front and center as the mouthpiece of your event. That is an important honor to bestow. Emcees range from those who love to vamp on stage to more subtle individuals who aid you in hosting the evening. Whatever your style, there is a DJ out there to fit.

·       More Than Meets the Eye - A DJ is so much more than entertainment. They are also responsible for the overall flow of the day. DJs help keep things on schedule, get the attention of guests when you are having important moments like the cake cutting, introduce the couple/wedding party, and make critical announcements like calling tables up to the buffet or giving last call. They have been part of weddings, know how they progress, and will work with you ahead of time to prepare for all the little things that will happen on your wedding timeline.

·       Tech Support – Handling the audio-visual equipment yourself seems like a good idea until you or your friend/would-be emcee are staring at different colored cords like someone in a movie trying to defuse a bomb. “Maybe it’s the red wire!” Even if it’s as simple as plugging an MP3 player into a single cord, are you prepared to troubleshoot if there are issues? Because the alternative is silence. Crickets. Tumbleweeds rolling across your dance floor. DJs know their equipment and are also pretty good at getting acquainted with the hookups on-site at your venue to prevent you from having to collectively hum for entertainment.

·       Always Be Prepared – Sure you thought about the music. But did you consider supplemental A/V equipment? Without a microphone, will anyone be able to hear your vows, speeches, etc.? This is one of many tools that a DJ will bring to your day.

·       Musical Chameleon – Uh oh. Your pre-planned playlist of songs that are super personal to you is not going over well and the guests look restless! It’s time to switch it up to appeal a greater number of people. But wait, you don’t have anything BUT mid-90’s alternative rock in your repertoire. A DJ has many thousands of songs in their library. It is their job to read the crowd and respond accordingly with selections from their list to keep the energy high (or low in the case of dinner music which most DIY couples completely forget about.) Don’t worry, you can always tell them which songs/genres are not allowed if you loathe some wedding staples like the Chicken Dance.

·       Cue the Music – You know that obnoxiously long Oscar speech that is politely ended by music? Well your drunk uncle may not thank 100 people in no particular order but there may be awkward moments that require intervention. Would you rather it be a kind stranger or someone he can hold a grudge against at family functions for years to come? DJs are great at keeping the night flowing and the mood light even when things get weird.


Wedding Sites and Services can help introduce you to the best in local wedding entertainment. Begin your search now and treat your guests to a reception full of fun and energy in the experienced hands of a professional DJ or live band.

Written by Season Hurd (A Colorado Courtship Blog reporting for Wedding Sites and Services)



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