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Dress Trends and Gown Tips with Brilliant Bridal on Holly’s Hot Wedding Tips

By Holly Collins, Adventures in Dance, Colorado

Every girl dreams about her wedding gown. From playing dress up in lacy, flowy dresses to drawing pictures of them. Dress shopping for your wedding is the most exciting dress-up a lady can do.

I traveled to Denver to meet with Malea from Brilliant Bridal to find out more about picking your perfect wedding gown. Malea has always loved wedding gowns, from sketching them in her homework margins, to getting excited with brides about finding their dream dress. Brilliant Bridal sells all over-stock and discontinued dresses, so brides get amazing designer gowns, brand new, at a really reasonable price.

Here is some great advice and insight from Malea at Brilliant Bridal:

Wedding Gown Tips:

  1. Do be open – don’t tell yourself, “I have to try on only this style.” Wedding gowns fit totally different than regular clothes. So be open to letting your stylist help you find the right dress and be open to the idea that it might be different than you expected.
  2. Don’t take too many people with you to your wedding dress appointment. Too many opinions can overwhelm and frustrate you.
  3. Know your budget. Be up front with you stylist, say- “This is what’s comfortable for me.” Then they can pull you the right things for you and keep within your budget.

Hottest Trends in Wedding Gowns for 2015:

  1. Lace! It is classic, it’s traditional, it’s something you mom wore, your grandmother wore, and you get to wear it too. Lace has been updated and is modern and beautiful.
  2. Flowy romantic dresses! Look for a lot of tulle and things that can move really beautifully.
  3. Great neck lines! Not everything is strapless anymore. You are going to see straps, illusion neck lines, and a little sleeve. You get a lot more options.
  4. Not just white! The color trend is bringing ivory, champagne, blush, grays, and blues. Let your dress reflect your personality through color!
  5. Hottest selling color– a darker ivory. It compliments more skin tones.

Unique Wedding Ideas:

“Design your own gown. I had a bride who took the bottom of one dress, the middle of another dress, and a top of one dress and combined it into her own custom gown. She then designed all the custom wedding pieces around her gown. It all started with the dress and did not look like anybody else’s wedding.”

Best Wedding Tip:

“Don’t forget this is about a whole marriage. We’re not just talking about one day. It’s a lifetime together so just keep that perspective when planning your wedding.”

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