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Deer Creek Valley Ranch in Bailey Colorado introduces its new Fireside Patio!

Deer Creek Valley Ranch in Bailey Colorado introduces its new Fireside Patio!

We were excited to add a new addition to the Deer Creek Valley Ranch event space with our fireside patio. The fireplace and market lights create a wonderful ambiance to the evening’s events. It has been a very well-received addition to the ranch and it has been a blast seeing the creative ways couples incorporate it into their special day. Here are 5 ways to include the fireplace patio into your wedding day:


Catherine Jeter Photography

Brett Birdsong Photography

1.      First Dances: What can be more romantic than a first dance under the stars and market lights? The flagstone dance floor creates a unique experience for first dances and the photographs taken while you share an intimate dance together surrounded by your loved ones will be treasured forever.


Haley Allen Photography

Haley Allen Photography

2.    Toasts: Guests can make the short walk outside the barn to the fireside patio to hear speeches in the fresh mountain air. Pro Tip: While guests are outside, the caterers can break down tables and prepare the barn for dessert and dancing, making a smooth flow into the rest of the evening’s events. 

Gina Burg Photography

Taylor Jones Photography

3.    Cocktail Hour: Cocktail hour can be hosted on the fireside patio and cocktail tables can be setup to allow additional spaces for guests to mingle as they connect with nature, and each other. Guests also just love having the opportunity to escape the music for a bit to get cozy with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace during the reception.


Steve Lynds Photography


Taylor Jones Photography

4.    Portraits: Whether you sneak away during the reception for a sweet couple’s portrait under the sweeping market lights or your photographer captures a photo of the whole group, the fireside patio is a great location for portraits!



5.    An Intimate Ceremony: The beautiful custom built fireplace in front of the grassy hillside makes a lovely backdrop for an intimate ceremony. Let your creative side show as the stone shelves and wooden railings allow for endless décor possibilities. A sunset ceremony under the sweeping market lights will be an experience that your guests will not soon forget.  

We cannot wait to see what else is in store this year for this romantic space. Contact us to setup your tour of Deer Creek Valley Ranch and see for yourself why the fireplace patio makes such a great addition to the ranch!


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